How do you find the gear ratio on a GMC Sierra 1500?

How do you find the gear ratio on a GMC Sierra 1500?

Identify your GMC or Chevrolet rear end gear ratio by the RPO Codes, usually located on the placard labeled “Service Parts Identification” inside the drivers door panel or glove box.

Can you tell the gear ratio by the VIN number?

The Gear Ratio Could Be In Your VIN Code Or Identification Plate. Every number and letter within a VIN reveals information about the automobile, such as the make, model, year built and the engine size.

Is 3.08 a good gear ratio for towing?

Yes, you are exactly right, towing with a 6 speed with 3.08s is still better than towing with a 4 speed and 3.73s. If its a heavy trailer, you will probably never use 5th and 6th gears, but who cares? crank turns to rotate the rear wheels once that counts.

What is the difference between 3.42 and 3.73 gears?

The 3.42 is fine for towing smaller boats, plus you will get better gas mileage for everyday driving. If I were towing frequently on hilly roads, I might would go for the 3.73 for better gas mileage while towing, but the 3.42 should be fine with a 205.

How do I find the axle ratio on my Chevy Silverado 1500?

Method 1: Count the number of teeth on the ring gear and the pinion. Divide the number of the ring gear’s teeth by the number of the pinion’s teeth. This will give you the axle ratio.

How do I find out what my axle ratio is?

How do I find out my rear end gear ratio?

Turn the wheel TWO revolutions and count the number of driveshaft turns. The number of driveshaft rotations will help you determine your rear axle ratio. For example, if it turned 3 and a half times, it’s a 3.50:1 ratio. If it turned 4 and a quarter times, it’s a 4.25:1 ratio.

How can I tell what gear ratio I have without pulling cover?

So an easy way to determine your actual gear ratio is to check the tag attached to the differential cover by the cover bolts. On the tag there should be some numbering such as 3.54 or 3.73, either of those numbers will give you the stock axle ratio.

How do I know my axle ratio Ram 1500?

Start the truck and put it into neutral. Rotate the rear tire 2 times and count the number of times the drive shaft turns. Close to 4 times = 3.92. Close to 3 1/2 = 3.55 Close to 3 = 3.21.

How much can a 5.3 L V8 tow?

The 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine comes standard and also allows you to tow up to 9,300 pounds. If you upgrade to the 6.2L V8, towing capacity remains the same.

Where do I find the gear ratio on my GMC 1500?

Navigate to the “General Motors Corporation Transmission Gear Ratios” Web page. Examine the left-hand columns marked “RPO” to locate the matching “M” RPO code relating to your vehicle. The columns positioned next to the appropriate RPO code will list the gear ratios for the vehicle’s transmission.

What kind of engine does a GMC Sierra 1500 have?

The 1994 GMC Sierra 1500 is a full-size pickup truck that features power brakes, power steering, antilock brakes and standard front airbags. Base models utilize a 4.3-liter V6 engine and five-speed manual transmission. Optional engines include the 5.0 and 5.7-liter gasoline motors, as well as a naturally aspirated or turbocharged 6.5-liter diesel.

How is axle ratio related to transmission ratio?

Your axle ratio, transmission ratios, and even tire diameter all factor in, so be sure to look at the big picture. The axle ratio is derived from dividing the number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth on the pinion gear. For a 3.73 ratio, there may be 41 teeth on the ring gear and 11 on the pinion for 3.72.

How many teeth does a 3.73 axle ratio have?

For a 3.73 ratio, there may be 41 teeth on the ring gear and 11 on the pinion for 3.72. The axle gears are a part of the differential, and are located behind the inspection cover on your axle. They run in gear lube, which is some nasty stuff.

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