Does Lysander love Hermia or Helena?

Does Lysander love Hermia or Helena?

The potion takes effect, and Lysander falls deeply in love with Helena. He begins to praise her beauty and to declare his undying passion for her. Disbelieving, Helena reminds him that he loves Hermia; he declares that Hermia is nothing to him. Helena believes that Lysander is making fun of her, and she grows angry.

Why does Lysander suddenly fall in love with Helena?

Her ardor catches the attention of Oberon, who commands that Puck enchant Demetrius so that he will fall back in love with Helena. When Puck mistakenly enchants a sleeping Lysander instead, Lysander wakes and falls instantly in love with Helena.

How does Lysander feel about Hermia he loves Helena?

2, Hermia discovers that Lysander professes to love Helena. He says he no longer loves, and even dispises, Hermia. She is dumbfounded. She says, “You speak not as you think.

What happened to Lysander to make him say not Hermia but Helena I love?

Lysander and Hermia shared true love before Puck accidently put the love potion on Lysander, causing him to fall in love with Helena. Demetrius goes from loving Helena to hating her, and loving Hermia to loving Helena because of the influence of the love potion.

What does Hermia say about Lysander?

Hermia says she considers Lysander, not her father, a god. As for Lysander, we get much less of an explanation, though the many ways he has sought Hermia testify to a man besotted and lovesick. Lysander states of Hermia: My love is more than his [Egeus’s].

What is the relationship between Lysander and Hermia?

Hermia. Egeus’s daughter, a young woman of Athens. Hermia is in love with Lysander and is a childhood friend of Helena. As a result of the fairies’ mischief with Oberon’s love potion, both Lysander and Demetrius suddenly fall in love with Helena.

How does Lysander fall back in love with Hermia?

2.2: Lysander tries to snuggle up next to Hermia, but she shoos him away and he ends up sleeping by himself. 2.2: Puck sprinkles magic love juice in Lysander’s eyes. He instantly falls in love with her. 2.2: Lysander ditches Hermia in the woods and runs off after Helena, declaring his love for her.

What does Hermia accuse Helena?

Of what does Hermia accuse Helena? Hermia accuses Helena of being fake. She feels this way because she thinks Helena has stolen her loved one’s heart under cover of night.

What happens to Lysander and Hermia?

After all the explanations, the Duke tells the kids to come back to Athens to be married, and Lysander happily goes back with the others. 5.1: Off-stage, Lysander has married Hermia. Duke Theseus, at the wedding banquet, offers his congratulations and joy to the young couples. Lysander wishes the Duke well.

What does Lysander say to Hermia?

Steal forth thy father’s house tomorrow night. ” Here, Lysander is telling Hermia that he is willing to do anything or go anywhere to marry her. He suggests that they leave Athens and head to his aunt’s house to be together.

How does Hermia get with Lysander?

Hermia chooses instead to run away into the woods with Lysander. There, all kinds of mischief befalls them, but in the end, they do get to be together. The play ends just the way Hermia and Lysander would want, with them being restored to society in Athens and allowed to get married.

Did Lysander really love Hermia?

Hermia had always loved her home and trusted in her father, but once she fell in love with Lysander, the law in Athens turned her heart against her homeland. Lysander says this while he is lamenting on the fact that he and Hermia truly love each other. The irony is that they cannot be together without breaking the law.

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