Who does Hannah end up dating in pretty little liars?

Who does Hannah end up dating in pretty little liars?

Caleb Rivers
The official endgame couples are: Hanna Marin is married to Caleb Rivers. Aria Montgomery is married to Ezra Fitz. Emily Fields was engaged to Alison DiLaurentis in the finale.

Who did Hanna lose her virginity to in PLL?

Hanna was the first among the girls to lose her virginity (to Caleb), but the girls think that Emily had already lost her virginity to Ben while Alison was still alive. Hanna got arrested three times.

Who does Hanna get pregnant by PLL?

It was revealed after the 3rd episode that Hanna and Caleb had a baby boy named Aidan. Also after Spencer and Toby eloped the whole of Rosewood think that she might be pregnant.

Does Hanna and Travis get together?

She thanks him for coming and says she is sorry for the meltdown she had the other day. Later, Travis teaches her how to play pool and the two share an intimate moment. Hanna kisses Travis and at first he seems a little hesitant, but then he kisses her back.

Did Caleb and Hanna date in real life?

Fans thought her romance with Tyler Blackburn was real Hanna and Caleb (shipper name Haleb) were one of the most beloved couples in Pretty Little Liars. “We never officially dated,” Blackburn told Playboy earlier this year.

Do Caleb and Hanna end up together?

The final season of Pretty Little Liars gave fans a lot of happy endings: Emily and Alison were together, Hanna and Caleb were married, Ezra and Aria were married, and Spencer and Toby were reuniting.

Why does Hanna go to jail?

In the penultimate episode of season five, not only was Ali DiLaurentis found guilty of murder in the first degree, but the rest of the Liars — Spencer, Aria and Emily — joined Hanna in prison when they were arrested as accessories to Mona’s murder. (And we don’t think it’s just a fancy prison.)

Does Aria break up with Ezra?

Finally Aria feels she is not a part of Ezra’s life anymore and she decides to break up with Ezra. In the last episode of Season 3, “A Dangerous Game”, the liars get trapped in a burning lodge with Mona Vanderwaal, who was formerly A.

Why can’t Aria have a baby?

Before her wedding to Ezra, Aria finds out that she will not be able to have children making her believe she can no longer get married since Ezra wants a family.

Did Ezra sleep with Alison?

Ezra and Alison “didn’t do anything,” and in fact she lied about her age when they first met at a bar; he dumped her when he found she wasn’t 21. So, Aria and Ezra didn’t sleep together until he quit his job at the high school.

Does Aria cheat on Ezra with Jason?

Aria was the first Liar to receive a message from “A.” Aria has cheated on every boyfriend she’s had. When she was dating Noel, she cheated on him by making out with Ezra. When she was dating Ezra, she kisses Jason and she kisses Wesley, his brother.

Is anyone on PLL dating in real life?

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel, have been dating for about four years and the pair welcomed their first child together back in October 2019.

What happens to Hanna in Pretty Little Liars?

Hanna began receiving threatening texts from ” A “. The messages lead her to rekindle her relationship with Spencer, Aria, and Emily, who were also being targeted by “A”. She later wins Homecoming Queen but is constantly reminded by “A” of her dorky days as “Hefty Hanna”.

Who is the leader of Pretty Little Liars?

They were a close-knit group, but they were easily manipulated by Alison, the self-appointed leader. Hanna was overweight and was constantly made fun of by Alison, who donned her: “Hefty Hanna”.

What happens in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars?

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: Hanna’s Fate Is Revealed— and a Classic Couple Reunites! Here we go agAin! After Pretty Little Liars season 6 ended with Hanna ( Ashley Benson) getting kidnapped, the crew returned ready to do just about anything to save her life — with just 24 hours on the clock.

Where does Emily stay in Pretty Little Liars?

Emily also stays at Hanna’s for a while when her parents are in Texas. Hanna and Aria are also very close and even though “A” forces Hanna to send Aria’s mom to philly in exchange of her money back, she later regrets doing it and tries to get back the tickets that she earlier sneaked in Mrs Montgomery’s desk.

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