Where did Uncle Kracker get his start?

Where did Uncle Kracker get his start?

After serving as DJ for his hometown chum Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker (born Matthew Shafer) stepped out from behind the turntables to release his debut solo album, Double Wide, in 2001.

What was Uncle Kracker’s first song?

Follow Me (Uncle Kracker song)
Follow Me (Uncle Kracker song) “Follow Me” is the debut single of American musician Uncle Kracker, released on November 7, 2000, from his debut album, Double Wide (2000).

When did Uncle Kracker start singing?

Uncle Kracker signed his first record deal when he was only fifteen and made a rap record. Unfortunately, after he entirely recorded his debut album, the record label folded, and his first project never came to life.

Who did drift away first?

“Drift Away” is a song by Mentor Williams written in 1970 and originally recorded by John Henry Kurtz on his 1972 album Reunion. Mentor Williams was a country songwriter, and John Henry Kurtz was an actor and swamp rock singer.

How old is Kidrock?

50 years (January 17, 1971)
Kid Rock/Age

How old is Alan Jackson?

63 years (October 17, 1958)
Alan Jackson/Age

Is Uncle Kracker still performing?

Now he’s still making music, but with a whole new perspective on life. Born Matthew Shafer, Kracker continued to release music steadily after the popularity of his debut, with other successful hits like “Drift Away,” “Smile,” and “When The Sun Goes Down” with Kenny Chesney.

Did Dobie Gray wrote Drift Away?

Mentor Williams
Drift Away/Composers

What killed Dobie Gray?

Dobie Gray/Cause of death
Dobie Gray, a smooth balladeer and soul singer who scored his biggest hit in the early 1970s with “Drift Away,” has died. He was 71. Gray, who had cancer, died Tuesday at his Nashville home, said Charlie Andrews, his attorney.

What disease does Kid Rock have?

A Knoxville TV station reported Wednesday that Kid Rock was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Who did Kid Rock marry in 2021?

Loretta Lynn
Kid Rock ‘marries’ country music icon Loretta Lynn over the weekend.

What disease does Alan Jackson have?

Country Music Hall of Famer Alan Jackson revealed Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease — a group of disorders that cause nerve damage — which has affected his ability to move and keep balance on stage.

What was the original name of Uncle Kracker?

Uncle Kracker is his stage name, and his original name is Matthew Shafer. He reached the pinnacle of success with his singles ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Drift Away.’

Where did Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker meet?

Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker were practically family. The two met in 1987 in Clawson, Michigan, where Rock was spinning in an all-ages DJ contest at a popular nightspot called Daytona’s.

When did Uncle Kracker release his first album?

Uncle Kracker did just that with his debut Double Wide, released in June of 2000. He, Kid Rock, and Twisted Brown Tucker recorded the album in the back of the bus while on Kid Rock’s tour.

Where did Uncle Kracker go to high school?

He has a brother named Mike Shafer and was inspired to music after listening to Motown and country music. Uncle Kracker attended the L’Anse Creuse High School and has been performing from a very young age.

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