How was Kit loyal to herself?

How was Kit loyal to herself?

Ultimately, Kit remains loyal to herself through the affirmation of characters such as Hannah and Nat, and the support of the Wood family. Kit shows her loyalty to Hannah and the Wood family when the townspeople accuse Hannah of witchcraft and go to capture Hannah at her cottage.

Who is Kit most loyal to in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

Kit is strong-willed, loyal to England, and does not initially understand the lifestyle of the colonists. She bonds with a fellow outcast, Hannah Tupper, a Quaker who other townspeople think is a witch. Kit falls in love with Nat Eaton, who is also friends with Hannah Tupper.

What happened in chapter 17 of Witch of Blackbird Pond?

In chapter 17 of Elizabeth George Speare’s, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, protagonist Kit Tyler shows her willingness to sacrifice everything for those who have been there for her. When Kit first moves to America, she discovers quickly that she is an outcast in the highly political, Puritanical community.

Who does Kit realize that she is in love with?

Two engagements are announced: Mercy to John Holbrook and Judith to William Ashby. Kit decides to return to Barbados. However, she finally realizes that she is truly in love with Nat, and waits for him to return.

Who is Kit most loyal too?

Kit remains loyal to herself, to Prudence, and to Hannah. She refuses to be influenced by the townspeople and maintains that Hannah was not a witch.

How does Judith feel about kit?

Although he turns a deaf ear to Judith’s entreaties to be allowed to keep the gifts, he does relent in the case of Mercy, agreeing to let her keep a simple shawl Kit has given her because it will serve to keep her warm as she sits by the chimney (Chapters 3 and 4).

What does KIT do for Hannah?

Kit reaches Hannah’s house ahead of the angry mob. She hurries Hannah into her cloak and shoes and ushers her out of the house.

How does Kit feel about Nat?

Nat is friends with both Hannah and Prudence. Though Kit entertains thoughts of marrying William Ashby, Nat is the novel’s best love match for Kit. Ultimately, Kit and Nat both value peace, friendship, and a sense of home. Nat and Kit’s personalities also match each other.

How old is William Ashby?

Ashby, a fighter for civil rights for more than nine decades and New Jersey’s first black social worker, died on Friday at the Brookhaven Nursing Home in East Orange, N.J. He was 101 years old.

What is Kit’s secret?

The women kept telling me what a wonderful match it was. Therefore we discover that the principal reason that Kit has come to New England is that she is escaping an unwelcome marriage proposal from a man who is much older than she is.

Why is Judith mad about kit?

Judith is envious of Kit for getting to wear a fancy dress to church. Kit Tyler came to her aunt and uncle’s house unexpectedly. She had never been to Connecticut before, since she grew up on Barbados. Connecticut was a much different place.

Who does Kit marry in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

Kit will ultimately marry Nat Eaton, the new captain of the Witch.

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