When did John Thomas White create the lemon squeezer?

When did John Thomas White create the lemon squeezer?

Inventors Lemon Squeezer – John Thomas White African American inventor John Thomas White of New York, New York received a patent for an improved lemon squeezer on December 8, 1896 (filed on March 21, 1896).

When was the lime squeezer invented?

The closest version to the lemon squeezer we know of today was invented by John Thomas White and was approved as a patent on December 8, 1896.

Who invented lemon juicer?

John Thomas White
John Thomas White invented the lemon squeezer for the purpose of efficiently making his own lemonade instead of buying it.

Who invented the mop?

Manuel Jalón Corominas
Manuel Jalón Corominas, a spanish engineer, invented the mop. Until then, people had to kneel down to clean the floor. According to the Encarta Microsoft encyclopedia, the mop is in 5th place among the greatest spanish discoveries and inventions in the world.

Who invented the lemon juicer?

What is the purpose of a lemon squeezer?

A lemon squeezer is a small kitchen utensil designed to extract juice from lemons or other citrus fruit such as oranges, grapefruit, or lime. It is designed to separate and crush the pulp of the fruit in a way that is easy to operate.

Why did Philippe Starck make the lemon squeezer?

Whilst enjoying a meal of calamari and noticing his lack of lemon wedge to accompany his plate, he started to doodle a lemon squeezer inspired by the form of a squid. Commissioned by the Italian design house Alessi, he submitted a food-soiled pizza mat with his first sketch of the lemon squeezer.

What has Joy Mangano invented?

PETERSBURG — The inventor of the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hanger, infomercial royalty Joy Mangano, has left HSN after two decades with the shopping network.

Who invented the lemon squeezer?

Who designed the lemon squeezer?

Philippe Starck
This lemon squeezer was the Juicy Salif Lemon-Squeezer designed by Philippe Starck for Alessi in 1990.

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