Why wont my PS2 play games?

Why wont my PS2 play games?

There are plenty of reasons why a PS2 would be unable to read a disk. Usually, it involves either the disk or reading laser inside the drive being dirty. Sometimes, the disk is damaged, and the data on it isn’t readable. Finally, in older devices, the laser may be weakening and about to fail.

How do you get a PS2 game to work?

Hold the disc under the running water for a few seconds and rub around the disc to get any dirt or dust off of it. Let the disc dry for a minute and open a tube of toothpaste. Place two small dabs of the toothpaste on the PS2 game disc. Gently spread the toothpaste around until the disc is completely covered.

How do you clean a PS2 disc?

Take a small amount of toothpaste and lay it on your preferred disc. Apply the paste on the disc in a circular pattern. Remember this as the friction the circular motion creates results in the removal of scratches. After about 10 minutes, wash the disc thoroughly with cold water.

How do you clean a PS2 disc reader?


  1. Remove the coverings using a flat head screwdriver.
  2. After the cover is removed, the top of the disc drive is revealed.
  3. Carefully remove the top to the disc drive, and the inside is exposed along with the disc reading lens.
  4. Using a damp cotton swab, gently clean the disc reading laser lens.

How do I reset a PS2?

1) Press the ‘Eject’ button and remove any inserted game disc. Then restart the console. 2) Wait for the console to land onto the famous browser screen. 4) The console will reset itself back to factory settings.

Do you need a memory card for PS2?

Memory cards allow you to save your progress on your favorite PlayStation 2 games. It is still possible to play games on the console without a memory card, but you will not be able to save your progress, and there are some additional screens you may have to navigate before you can start playing, depending on the game.

Does toothpaste Clean game discs?

Would toothpaste cleaning work on a DVD? Yes, the same things work on CDs and DVDs. Keep in mind that if the scratch is really bad, it may not be repairable. Leave the toothpaste on for five minutes, then rinse off the toothpaste and dry.

How do you fix Playstation 2 discs?

What to do when Playstation 2 won’t read disc?

Put the disk cover back on, put a game in and see if it works. If it doesn’t work, open it back up and move the gear a little more. Test both gold/silver games and blue games. If Your PS2 still doesnt work you should try cleaning the lens with a cotton swab.

Why is my PS2 not playing any games?

If the other game is working but the one that you want to play is not, you know that the disk is the problem. If both the games are not functioning as they should be, the console might be permanently damaged. This is more unlikely than the disk being the issue but it means that the console is now useless.

What to do if your PS2 won’t read a DVD?

Be careful on the right side is a ribbon cable that connects the power/reset buttons to the innards. Set the top off to your right and take out the small screws keeping the lid on the DVD drive. You’ll need to have the dvd tray open so plug the PS2 back in and open the tray. Kill the power and unplug.

When did the PS2 come out in the US?

Known as the ”PS2”, it is a sixth-generation video game console first released by Sony in Japan in March 2000. The United States saw it later in 2000 with the SCPH-30000. Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky.

What should I do if my PS2 controller is not working?

This might stop the wires from sending the correct signals to the PlayStation. To fix this, gently clean out the controller slots with a cloth wrapped around your index finger. Also clean the wires connected to the controller.

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