Why do Tom and Lily decide to visit the hatchlings?

Why do Tom and Lily decide to visit the hatchlings?

Why do tom and lily decide to visit the hatchings? Visit the hatching house to return Ma Hatchings purse.

Why do Tom and Lily decide to keep riding at the end of the story?

They are going on a honeymoon in search of a place where the sun is shining. They are looking for sunlight on their honeymoon.

Do you think Tom and Lily do the right thing in not going back to the cottage?

Answer #3: Tom and Lily do the right thing by not going back to the cottage because by returning, they may give away its location to a corrupt person thus unintentionally destroying the magical place. Sinister characters like Mr. Noakes were already questioning where the couple had been.

Why dont Tom and Lily go back to the hatchings after picking up their scooter?

Lily and Tom do not want Mr. Noakes to know the place where they got tanned since he implied he would buy that estate. So they would like to defend Mrs. Hatching’s peace and privacy and decide to take another road to the North with their scooter.

What color dress did Lily wear to her wedding?

What color dress did Lily wear to her wedding? Lily wore yellow on her wedding day. Why was it important to wear this color? People believed that wearing yellow would bless her marriage with a bit of sunshine. .

What is the theme of the story searching for summer?

The theme of the short story “Searching for summer” is that people usually do not notice all of the good things in their lives until they are lost. Another possible theme is we should protect what’s important to us.

What is the message of searching for summer?

Why does the sun shine only over the hatchings cottage?

The sunshine around the Hatching’s symbolizes the well-meaning and joyous character of its residents. The sun only shined over the hatching cottage because they were innocent and it showed they had life in them.

What does Mr Noakes look like?

“Mr. Noakes was a repulsive-looking individual, but when he heard that Tom and Lily wanted a room for the night, he changed completely and gave them a leer that was of false goodwill. He was a big, red-faced man with wet, full lips, bulging pale-gray bloodshot eyes, and a crop of stiff greasy hair.

What would Mr Noakes do if he found a bit of sunshine?

What does Mr Noakes say he would do if he had some permanent sun? He would buy up the lot, and build a country club, trailer site and holiday camp.

What does the sun symbolize in searching for summer Explain your response according to the text evidence?

Imagine living without the sun, the sun that gives off warmth and happiness for many people. The dress will symbolize the sunshine and happiness that has been lost ever since the nuclear bomb. …

What is the setting of the story searching for summer?

The short story “Searching for Summer” is set in the ’80’s, but not the 1980’s! The story tells of the groom’s quest to find sunshine for his new wife. It includes descriptive settings and allows for varied analyses of text meaning and central ideas. Characters’ motivations provide insight into human nature.

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