Why are there two voice actors for Lewis in Meet the Robinsons?

Why are there two voice actors for Lewis in Meet the Robinsons?

Two actors were needed to voice Lewis—Daniel Hansen began recording the voice in 2003, but as he grew and his voice changed, the producers had to find another kid, and they were lucky to find Jordan Fry, a young actor who sounded much like Daniel. 94 min.

Why is Lewis called Cornelius?

Bud arrives and calls Lewis a special kid, saying he doesn’t look like a Lewis to which Lewis replies he’s told a lot that he looks more like a Cornelius. Lucile and Bud adopt Lewis and nickname him Cornelius.

Will there ever be a Meet the Robinsons 2?

Live-action remake: There is no live-action remake planned for Meet the Robinsons. Sequel: A sequel, titled Meet the Robinsons: First Date, was planned for the film. However, after John Lasseter became the head of Disney animation, he cancelled several projects including this one.

Who plays Wilbur Robinson?

Wesley SingermanMeet the Robinsons
Wilbur Robinson/Played by

Who is Lewis’s mom in Meet the Robinsons?

Lucille Krunklehorn

What island is Swiss Family Robinson on?

island of Tobago
Swiss Family Robinson was shot on the West Indies island of Tobago, and the lush locale adds immeasurably to the timeless tale.

Why does Lewis wear a hat in Meet the Robinsons?

Because of the hair, Lewis had to wear a big fruit hat, which Wilbur said later he couldn’t take Lewis seriously in. Instead, he gave Lewis a hat that matched Wilbur’s shirt. From Quiz: Meet the Robinsons.

Why didn’t the Robinsons recognize Lewis?

So the reason the Robinsons reject Lewis without explanation is because, unbeknownst to him, he’s actually the younger self of the family’s patriarch.

Will there be Bambi 3?

Bambi 3 is the sequel from 1942 and its midquel from 2006. produced by Disney and DisneyToon Studios….Soundtrack.

Music performed by In Film
There is Life (Reprise) Beyoncé Finale Song
Cosmic Railway (Japanese Version) EXO Ending Song

Why wasnt there a Mulan 3?

However, prior to the release of Mulan II, Disney had plans for a third movie that would have also skipped a theatrical release. However, Mulan III was canceled before Mulan II was released, but the character later got a bigger, though not necessarily better, revision in live-action form.

Who plays Wilbur’s mom in Meet the Robinsons?

Franny Robinson
Wilbur Robinson/Mother
Francesca “Franny” Robinson (née Framagucci) is the mother of Wilbur Robinson, wife of Lewis “Cornelius” Robinson, the matriarch of the Robinson family, and a major character in Disney’s 2007 animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons.

Who plays the frog in Meet the Robinsons?

Aurian Redson, Jamie Cullum are the voices of Frankie in Meet the Robinsons, and Eiji Miyashita is the Japanese voice.

Who are the characters in meet the Robinsons?

1 Jordan Fry and Daniel Hansen as Lewis † Tom Selleck as Cornelius, Lewis’ older self 2 Wesley Singerman as Wilbur Robinson 3 Stephen Anderson as Bowler Hat Guy Matthew Josten as Michael “Goob” Yagoobian, Bowler Hat Guy’s younger self Anderson also provided the voices of Grandpa Bud and Cousin Tallulah 4 Harland Williams as Carl

When did meet the Robinsons come out in theaters?

Meet the Robinsons. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Meet the Robinsons is a 2007 American computer-animated science fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 30, 2007. The 47th Disney animated feature film, it was released in standard and Disney Digital 3-D versions.

Who is the voice of Lewis in meet the Robinsons?

The film ends with a quote which reiterates the message of not dwelling on failures and “keep moving forward”, attributed to Walt Disney . † Note: The character of Lewis was voiced by both Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry.

Who is the judge in meet the Robinsons?

Lewis then returns to the science fair and demonstrates his memory scanner on the science fair judge, Dr. Krunkelhorn (Laurie Metcalf), revealing that she is Lewis’ adopted mother, Lucille. Lewis also meets a young Franny, who desires to make frogs sing.

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