Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1930s?

Who was the Governor of Alabama in 1930s?

Governors of the State of Alabama

No. Governor Term in office
36 Thomas Kilby January 21, 1919 – January 15, 1923 (term limited)
37 William W. Brandon January 16, 1923 – January 17, 1927 (term limited)
38 Bibb Graves January 18, 1927 – January 19, 1931 (term limited)

What happened George Wallace?

Wallace won election to Governor of Alabama in 1970 and ran in the 1972 Democratic presidential primaries, once again campaigning for segregation. His campaign effectively ended when he was shot in Maryland by Arthur Bremer, and Wallace remained paralyzed below the waist for the rest of his life.

Is George Wallace still alive?

Deceased (1919–1998)
George Corley Wallace/Living or Deceased

Who ran against George Wallace?

Former Governor of Alabama George Wallace ran in the 1968 United States presidential election as the candidate for the American Independent Party against Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey. Wallace’s pro-segregation policies during his term as Governor of Alabama were rejected by most.

Who was Governor before Ivy?

Kay Ivey
Governor Robert Bentley
Preceded by Jim Folsom Jr.
Succeeded by Will Ainsworth
38th Treasurer of Alabama

When was Lurleen Wallace Governor Alabama?

Lurleen Burns Wallace (born Lurleen Brigham Burns; September 19, 1926 – May 7, 1968) was the 46th governor of Alabama for fifteen months from January 1967 until her death in May 1968….

Lurleen Wallace
Succeeded by Albert Brewer
First Lady of Alabama
In role January 14, 1963 – January 16, 1967
Governor George Wallace

What is the meaning of Wallace?

It originates from Old Low Franconian *Walhisk meaning “foreigner”, “Celt”, “Roman” which is a cognate of Old English wylisċ (pronounced “wullish”) meaning “foreigner” or “Welshman” (see also Wallach and Walhaz).

When was Lurleen Wallace governor Alabama?

Are Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace best friends?

He’s a decent guy,” Wallace said in a recent phone interview. “And we’ve been best friends for 39 years. That’s my best friend.” The Atlanta native — who turned 63 Tuesday — said he knew when he was 6 years old that he wanted to be a comedian.

Who was the best man at Jerry Seinfeld’s wedding?

Comedian George Wallace was the best man at the wedding. After the nuptials, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld bought Billy Joel’s house in Amagansett, Long Island, for US$32 million after news of the couple’s interest in the property became public in 2000. The Seinfelds have one daughter and two sons.

Who beat Nixon in 68?

In the presidential election, Republican former Vice President Richard Nixon defeated Democratic incumbent Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Nixon won the popular vote by less than one point, but took most states outside the Northeast, and comfortably won the electoral vote.

How many electoral votes did George Wallace get in 1968?

1968 United States presidential election

Nominee Richard Nixon George Wallace
Party Republican American Independent
Home state New York Alabama
Running mate Spiro Agnew Curtis LeMay
Electoral vote 301 46

Who was the Governor of Alabama during the Great Depression?

Benjamin Meek Miller (1864-1944) served as governor of Alabama during the worst years of the Great Depression.

Who was the first woman governor of Alabama?

Lurleen Wallace, wife of George Wallace, was the first woman to serve as governor of Alabama, and the third woman to serve as governor of any state.

Who was the longest serving governor of Alabama?

The longest-serving governor was George Wallace, who served 16 years over four terms. The shortest term for a non-acting governor was that of Hugh McVay, who served four and a half months after replacing the resigning Clement Comer Clay.

Who is the head of government in Alabama?

List of governors of Alabama. (Redirected from List of Governors of Alabama) Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Governor of Alabama is the head of government of the U.S. state of Alabama. The governor is the head of the executive branch of Alabama’s state government and is charged with enforcing state laws.

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