Who was the first solo circumnavigation?

Who was the first solo circumnavigation?

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
SIR ROBIN WAS THE FIRST TO SAIL SINGLE HANDED AND NON-STOP AROUND THE WORLD BETWEEN 14 JUNE 1968 AND 22 APRIL 1969. More than 50 years have gone by since Sir Robin Knox-Johnston made history by becoming the first man to sail solo and non-stop around the globe in 1968-69.

Who was the first person to sail single handedly around the world?

Sir Francis Chichester
Sir Francis Chichester (1901–1972) was a British sailor and aviator, famed for being the first person to single-handedly sail around the world making only one stop.

How many solo circumnavigators are there?

And the fact is that sailing single-handed non-stop round the world continues to be a very rare feat. To date, only 199 people in history have ever accomplished it. With good reason: the mammoth skill and arduousness of keeping a boat going in all conditions without any help.

When was the first circumnavigation of the world?

One of the most noted of Portuguese-born explorers was Fernão de Magalhães (anglicized as “Magellan”), who instigated and organized the first circumnavigation of the globe from 1519 to 1522.

Who was the first person to sail single handed around the world in 1966 67?

Sir Francis Charles Chichester
Sir Francis Chichester, in full Sir Francis Charles Chichester, (born September 17, 1901, Barnstaple, Devon, England—died August 26, 1972, Plymouth, Devon), adventurer who in 1966–67 sailed around the world alone in a 55-foot sailing yacht, the “Gipsy Moth IV.”

Who was El Cano?

Juan Sebastián de Elcano
Juan Sebastián de Elcano was the navigator whose expedition completed the first circumnavigation of the globe. He had been born in the Basque town of Guetaria in 1476 and died of scurvy in the Pacific Ocean in 1526.

Was Sebastian del Cano a Portuguese or Basque?

Juan Sebastián del Cano, del Cano also spelled Elcano and de Elcano, (born c. 1476, Guetaria, Castile [now in Spain]—died August 4, 1526, at sea), Basque navigator who completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth.

Who sailed solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

The first authenticated single-handed ocean crossing was made in 1876 by a 30-year-old fisherman named Alfred “Centennial” Johnson. Johnson sailed out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an open dory named Centennial. His voyage was timed to celebrate the United States centennial.

Who sailed around the world alone?

Sailing Alone Around the World is a sailing memoir by Joshua Slocum in 1900 about his single-handed global circumnavigation aboard the sloop Spray. Slocum was the first person to sail around the world alone….Sailing Alone Around the World.

Original cover
Author Joshua Slocum
Country Canada
Language English
Genre Autobiography, sailing memoir

How long would it take to solo sail around the world?

There is a new world record for sailing solo around the world: 42 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds. If verified, it is more than 6 days faster than the previous record, set a year earlier. Gabart reacts after his world record, in the Brest harbor, western France, on Sunday.

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