Who spent the longest time in space?

Who spent the longest time in space?

cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov
Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov spent 437 days on the Mir space station from 1994 and 1995 still holds the record for the longest time a person has stayed in space. The longer duration of his stay gives Vande Hei another chance to perform a spacewalk.

Who was the first female astronaut?

cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova
So said cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, (pictured left) who made history as the first woman in space aboard the then-Soviet Union’s Vostok 6 spacecraft in 1963. In the nearly six decades since Tereshkova first ventured into space, 64 more women have followed suit, albeit in fits and starts.

Are there any Swedish astronauts?

Christer Fuglesang, in full Arne Christer Fuglesang, (born March 18, 1957, Stockholm, Sweden), Swedish physicist and astronaut, the first Swedish citizen in space.

How many ESA astronauts are there?

There are seven active members of the European Astronaut Corps….Current members.

Name Samantha Cristoforetti
Country Italy
Selection 2009 ESA Group
Time in space 199d 16h 43m
Missions Soyuz TMA-15M (Expedition 42/43), Crew-4 (Expedition 67/68) (Planned)

Why is China not allowed on the ISS?

China has been barred from the ISS since 2011, when Congress passed a law prohibiting official American contact with the Chinese space program due to concerns about national security.

Do people age in space?

We all measure our experience in space-time differently. That’s because space-time isn’t flat — it’s curved, and it can be warped by matter and energy. And for astronauts on the International Space Station, that means they get to age just a tiny bit slower than people on Earth. That’s because of time-dilation effects.

Has anyone been pregnant in space?

Narrator: Scientists have studied a lot of pregnant animals in space, including salamanders, fish, and rats, but not humans. Over 60 women have traveled to space, yet none were pregnant during the trip, let alone gave birth while floating in zero gravity.

What were Sally rides last words?

Sally died the same way she lived: without fear. Sally’s signature statement was ‘Reach for the Stars. ‘ Surely she did this, and she blazed a trail for all the rest of us.

How many Swedish astronauts are there?

This page contains a list of the greatest Swedish Astronauts. The pantheon dataset contains 524 Astronauts, 1 of which were born in Sweden. This makes Sweden the birth place of the 35th most number of Astronauts behind Romania and Georgia.

Is there any Norwegian astronauts?

Norway has become NASA sponsor in a desperate attempt to influence the space agency to select a Norwegian to become astronaut. Norwegians think it is a scandal that Norway has not had a single astronaut.

How much do ESA astronauts get paid?

Upon entering the ESA Astronaut Corps, new recruits will generally be paid at the A2 level. Following the successful completion of the basic astronaut training, the recruit will be paid in accordance with the grade A3: approx. €5800-€6650/month.

Is there an age limit for astronauts?

Are there age restrictions? There are no age restrictions for the program. Astronaut candidates selected in the past have ranged between the ages of 26 and 46, with the average age being 34.

Who is Christer Fuglesang and what does he do?

Fuglesang is a prominent member of the Swedish skeptics association Vetenskap och Folkbildning and identifies strongly with skeptics and atheists. In 2012, Fuglesang received the Royal Institute of Technology 2012 Alumni of the Year award.

Who are Christer Fuglesang and Elisabeth Walldie married to?

Born on 18 March 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden, Christer Fuglesang is married to the former Elisabeth Walldie; they have three children. Christer enjoys sports, sailing, skiing, reading and playing Frisbee and games.

Where was Fuglesang born and where did he grow up?

Fuglesang was born in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and a Norwegian father, who became a Swedish citizen shortly before Fuglesang’s birth.

What was Christer Fuglesang’s first mission in space?

Fuglesang at work, floating through a hatch on Space Shuttle Discovery during flight on day two of Mission STS-116. Fuglesang’s first spaceflight mission was as a Mission Specialist on STS-116 in 2006, an assembly and crew-rotation mission to the International Space Station.

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