Who said the catchphrase chase me?

Who said the catchphrase chase me?

Duncan Norvelle
Duncan Norvelle (born 2 April 1958, Hoton, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England) is an English comedian in the variety tradition who appeared on television from the early 1980s. He was often referred to as Duncan “Chase me” Norvelle, stemming from his catchphrase “Chase me!”.

Is Duncan Norvelle married?

Jane Lindsay
Duncan Norvelle/Spouse

What age is Duncan Norvelle?

63 years (April 2, 1958)
Duncan Norvelle/Age

What is Stu Francis doing now?

Although now 71, Stu continues to have a busy career. For decades he has starred in Bolton Albert Halls ‘ Christmas pantomime, and it was only because of another work commitment that he was absent from the most recent show. “I’ve been on tour with Cannon and Ball in a play called The Dressing Room,” he explained.

Who had the saying I could crush a grape?

Stu Francis (born 1951, Bolton, Lancashire, England) is a British comedian with a camp style of delivery who achieved celebrity as lead presenter on the children’s television programme Crackerjack (1979–1984), on which his catchphrase was “Ooh! I could crush a grape”.

Who is Duncan Norvelle married to?

Who had the catchphrase I could crush a grape?

Stu Francis
Catchphrases such as “Ooh I could crush a grape”, and “I could rip a tissue”, coined by Stu Francis, who presented the show in the 1980s, were heard in playgrounds across the nation. More than 450 episodes were broadcast before Crackerjack was cancelled in 1984 as bosses sought to overhaul children’s schedules.

What does crush a grape mean?

This show was really popular, so “I’m so excited I could crush a grape.” became in common use, basically meaning “I’m really excited”, and the rest was just for comedy.

Who was the original host of Crackerjack?

Eamonn Andrews
Crackerjack! (TV programme)

Created by Johnny Haddon Downes
Presented by Eamonn Andrews (1955–64) Leslie Crowther (1964–68) Michael Aspel (1968–74) Ed Stewart (1975–79) Stu Francis (1980–84) Sam & Mark (2020–)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English

What was the catchphrase for Crackerjack?

When children first sat down to watch Crackerjack it was 5.15pm on Wednesday 14 September 1955. So the famous rallying cry “It’s Friday.. It’s 5 to 5… it’s Crackerjack” was not from the original programme, but appeared several years later.

What does it mean when someone calls you a Crackerjack?

: a person or thing of marked excellence.

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