Who is the most famous Seminole Indian?

Who is the most famous Seminole Indian?

Osceola by George Catlin, 1838
Seminole leader
Personal details
Born 1804 Talisi, Mississippi Territory, US

What did Coacoochee do?

Coacoochee (Ko AH koo chee), known to Americans as Wild Cat and to Mexicans as Gato del Monte, is best known as a Seminole resistance leader during the American invasion of Seminole lands in Florida in the 1830s. He led a celebrated escape from a U.S. prison at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida, in November 1837.

When was John horse born?

John Horse/Date of birth
Black Seminole leader John Horse was born in Florida circa 1812. A Seminole slave of African American, American Indian, and Spanish descent, he became a subchief during the Second Seminole War (1835–42) and participated in negotiations with the U.S. Army.

Who is the leader of the Seminole tribe in Florida?

Marcellus W. Osceola, Jr., is chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. In fall 2020, the Native American Finance Officers Association named Osceola Tribal Leader of the Year.

What are some Seminole names?

encountered and wrote of in the early 1500s. The name Seminole was not mentioned. The indigenous Indians immediately to the north of Florida were given names such as Creek, Mikasuki, Yamassee, Yuchi, Oconee, Guale, Eufala, etc.

Which Seminole Warrior became famous during the 2nd Seminole War?

The campaigns of the Second Seminole War were an outstanding demonstration of guerrilla warfare by the Seminole. TheMicos Jumper, Alligator, Micanopy and Osceola, leading less than 3,000 warriors, were pitted against four U.S. generals and more than 30,000 troops.

Who was black cat the Indian?

Pogumk is a hero in Maliseet and Passamaquoddy legends. The name Pogumk literally means “Fisher.” Sometimes it is erroneously translated as “black cat.” Fishers are actually a species of large weasel, like this.

What did Seminole Tribe leaders do during the Second Seminole War?

Osceola emerged as a leader among the Seminoles determined to resist resettlement. On December 28, 1835, as Major Francis Dade was leading more than 100 soldiers from Fort Brooke (near Tampa) to Fort King (near present-day Ocala), some 180 Seminoles and their allies ambushed the troops, killing all but three.

Is the Seminole Tribe rich?

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, who some analysts say are worth several billion dollars, have become the first American Indian tribe to also be considered a bullish corporation. The Seminoles currently operate seven casinos in their home state of Florida whose slots are said to bring in an estimated $500 a day.

How much money do Seminole Tribe members get?

A: Each member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, even children, now receives a monthly dividend check of $7,000, or $84,000 annually, as his or her share of money made mostly from casinos.

How do I join the Seminole Tribe?

Their enrollment requirements are: 1) You must prove lineal descendancy from someone listed on the 1957 Tribal Roll, 2) A blood quantum with a minimum of one-quarter Florida Seminole blood, and 3) You must be sponsored by a currently enrolled tribal member.

How old was wild cat during the Seminole War?

At the start of the Second Seminole War, the nineteen-year-old Wild Cat gained prominence leading a band of Seminole and Black Seminole until his father was captured in 1837 and imprisoned in Fort Marion . In October 1837, Wild Cat appeared before American forces in a ceremonial peace headdress, claiming to be an emissary of the war chief Osceola.

Who is the chief of the wild cat Seminole Tribe?

His son Gato Chiquito (in Spanish), or Young Wild Cat, was chosen as chief. On May 29, 2012 an application was registered at the US Bureau of Geographic Names to name a stretch of unnamed barrier islands on the Florida East Coast for this chief.

Where did the leader of the Seminole tribe die?

He was taken from Florida, and died in prison in South Carolina. The dishonorable nature of his capture and his subsequent death turned many Americans against the long war. Alligator served the Tribe as a leader, a strategist, and a diplomat during the Seminole wars.

Who was wild cat and what did he do?

In October 1837, Wild Cat appeared before American forces in a ceremonial peace headdress, claiming to be an emissary of the war chief Osceola. After he negotiated with Colonel Thomas S. Jesup, American authorities agreed to peace talks, but when the Seminole representatives arrived to treat, Jessup ordered their arrest.

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