Who is the lead singer of You Me At Six?

Who is the lead singer of You Me At Six?

Josh Franceschi
You Me At Six/Lead singers

Did You Me at Six get a new singer?

The group released an EP, We Know What It Means to Be Alone in 2006, after which, Phillips left the band. He was replaced by Dan Flint, who the band had gone to college with, following the band’s appearance at Slam Dunk Festival 2007.

Where is the band You Me At Six from?

Weybridge, United Kingdom
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HOW DID YOU ME AT SIX get their name?

3) When did you form You Me At Six and what’s the story behind the band’s name? The name came from making Friday night arrangements, it was an abbreviation for that which unfortunately stuck.

How old is Josh Franceschi?

31 years (August 7, 1990)
Josh Franceschi/Age

How tall is Josh Franceschi?

1.87 m
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What genre is me at six?

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What genre is bring me the horizon?

Bring Me the Horizon/Genres

Is Josh Franceschi vegan?

Vegan Life caught up with Josh Franceschi, the band’s frontman, for his views on veganism, why he decided to make the lifestyle change and how he deals with being vegan on tour. He explained his reasons for making the change, having transitioned from pescatarian to vegetarian, before becoming vegan.

Where is Josh Franceschi from?

Josh Franceschi/Place of birth

How can I contact me at 6?

You Me At Six Management If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: [email protected]. Book You Me At Six.

What music genre is all time low?

All Time Low/Genres

What kind of music does you Me at six play?

You Me at Six’s musical style has been described as pop punk, alternative rock, pop rock, post-hardcore, emo pop, and screamo. ^ “The Official Charts Company—You Me at Six”.

Who are the writers of six the musical?

Six the Musical ” Six ” is a British pop musical written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss while they were studying for their final exams at Cambridge University. It tells the stories of the six wives of Henry VIII, as they compete to decide who will lead the group based on how much they suffered while married to Henry.

Where did you Me at six record Sinners Never Sleep?

You Me At Six recorded a third album, Sinners Never Sleep, at The Sound Factory studio in Los Angeles, California. The record was released in October 2011, and peaked at No. 3 in the UK Album Charts.

When did you Me at six album Cavalier Youth come out?

Cavalier Youth was released as their fourth album to a number 1 debut in 2014 and contained the number 11 single “Lived a Lie”. You Me at Six has toured extensively, with appearances on Warped Tour, Soundwave, and has toured with Thirty Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low.

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