Who is stronger Thor or Superman?

Who is stronger Thor or Superman?

In terms of the power to lift and move large objects, Superman has a stronger edge against Thor. Thor may have been able to move objects that weigh as much as planets, but the Silver Age Superman not only pushed actual planets out of orbit all the time, but even went so far as to move entire galaxies on a whim.

Is anything stronger than Superman?

Superman is one of the strongest DC heroes in existence, but there are a few who could be stronger in a fight given the right situation. Shazam, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Captain Atom and the Flash aren’t stronger than Superman.

How did Superman beat Thor?

Back when Marvel and DC Comics were doing a comic book crossover, it was unanimously agreed upon that Superman would beat Thor in a fight. The two exchange a series of blows, but when Thor swung Mjolnir at Superman, Kal-El grabbed the hammer and whipped it back at him and delivered a devastating blow.

Who can defeat Thor?

Over 12 issues, Thor is defeated multiple times by the five new Phoenix hosts: Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Namor, and Magik. At one point, Colossus is even able to smash Mjolnir away from Thor’s hands, proving Phoenix is a strong force not to be messed with.

Who can defeat Superman?

Superman: 15 DC Characters Who Can Defeat The Man Of Steel Without Kryptonite

  • 11 Wonder Woman Is A Better Fighter.
  • 12 The Flash Has The Speed Force On His Side.
  • 13 Rogol Zaar Has The Power Of Revenge Inside.
  • 14 Superboy-Prime Does It Through Sheer Rage.
  • 15 Batman Does It Through His Intelligence & Personal Knowledge.

Can Superman beat Thor?

Thor would be the winner,he has the ability to defeat superman ,apart from this he is the god of thunder, inspit of lossing everything including his eye still he is the strongest avenger than others. However, Thor, one of Marvel’s strongest Avengers, might just be powerful enough to take on Superman.

Can Batman beat Superman?

It’s not actually easy for Batman to defeat Superman. Well of course, it is easy if the writers just start giving him all the plot armour in the world. But Superman can actually take out Batman before he even takes out the kryptonite out of his pocket. Technically, Superman too can move faster than Batman can think.

Would Superman or Thor win?

Thor vs Superman: A battle among Gods Thor and Superman are equally matched when it comes to strength. The Norse God of Thunder would definitely take the physical approach with the Man of Steel, where the two punch each other until one of them goes down.

Is Superman can beat Thor?

While Superman could overpower Thor, Thor’s blows would leave Kal-El seriously injured. With his super-speed, Superman could probably get a few hits in on Thor before the Asgardian had a chance to summon a bolt of lightning. However, Superman rarely goes all-out against opponents, especially in friendly fights.

Who can beat Thor?

15 Avengers Who Could Beat Thor In A Fight

  • 15 Scarlet Witch. Thor wasn’t around during the events of Avengers Disassembled and House of M, so he missed out on Wanda losing her mind and therefore he didn’t have to face her full power.
  • 14 Wasp.
  • 13 Captain America.
  • 12 Black Panther.
  • 11 Cannonball.
  • 10 Cable.
  • 9 Wonder Man.
  • 8 Sersi.

Can the Joker beat Superman?

Though Joker is almost always a Batman villain, he has actually beaten the Man of Steel several times. Despite this, DC has proven that the Joker can actually beat Superman, even without powers. In the popular Injustice storyline, Joker managed to completely break superman after tricking him into killing Lois Lane.

Who is Superman’s worst enemy?

Central rogues gallery

Villain First appearance
Lex Luthor Action Comics #23 (May 1940)
Livewire Superman Adventures #5 (March, 1997)
Lobo Omega Men #3 (June 1983)
Mercy Graves Superman Adventures #1 (November 1996)

Who is stronger physically than Thor?

Although the god of thunder is so strong, there are still many heroes in Marvel lore that are able to match his strength. Most comic fans know that heroes such as the Hulk are stronger than Thor, but there are others that might surprise you.

Who is stronger super man or the Hulk?

Superman under normal circumstances is stronger than the Hulk, but the Hulk has the potential for unlimited strength depending on how angry he is at the time. So, if the Hulk is angry enough, he would be stronger than Superman.

Who is stronger Hulk or He-Man?

Both Marvel AND DC have He-Man as “The strongest man in the universe” that being said, BY LAW he has to be physically stronger than Hulk, Superman , Shazam , Thanos ect. So going by the written laws and copyrights, He-Man is the winner.

Who is stronger than the Hulk?

The Flash is easily stronger than Hulk based on how creative and resourceful he is with his given powers. Whoever Captain Universe is at any given moment changes depending on who the Universe wants to possess in order to have a physical manifestation.

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