Who is a flat character in The Hunger Games?

Who is a flat character in The Hunger Games?

In The Hunger Games, Greasy Sae is a flat character because she does not affect Katniss in any way throughout the books; all she does is sell things at the Hob.

Who was Katniss pregnant by?

Peeta tells Caesar that he and Katniss are already married. According to Peeta, the two married in secret and Katniss is now pregnant.

Is Katniss a girl or boy?

Katniss Everdeen
Nickname Catnip (by Gale) Sweetheart (by Haymitch) Girl on Fire (by Cinna and Caesar Flickerman) Star Crossed Lover (by the Capitol)
Gender Female
Title Victor of the 74th Hunger Games and then escaped the 75th Hunger Games

Who is the only Katniss lover?

Katniss states that Prim is “the only person I’m certain I love”. At the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games, Prim is chosen by lottery as the female “representative” of District 12.

Is Peeta Mellark a round or flat character?

Round v.s Flat A character who boasts no mental or emotional development is a flat character. Katniss was a round character and so was Peeta. Gail, Finnick, Haymitch, Cinna, President snow and Primrose were flat characters.

What is flat character example?

Flat characters also do not change during the course of the story. Examples of Flat Character: In the Harry Potter series, Crabbe and Goyle are flat characters. They are Draco Malfoy’s Slytherin friends, but we do not learn much about them and they are just there to be his sidekicks.

What did Katniss name her babies?

That said, Willow and Rye are pretty cute names for Katniss and Peeta’s kids, but they don’t seem particularly meaningful. A lot of fans prefer the idea of Katniss and Peeta giving their children names of the dead who sacrificed themselves — like Prim and Finnick.

What does 3 fingers mean in The Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen. The Three Finger Salute is used by District 12 residents when they have to say thanks or just to show that the person is loved and respected by them. It’s a gesture of admiration, gratitude and saying goodbye to someone you love.

What did Katniss name her kids?

Why did Katniss get an 11?

Katniss Everdeen – 11, for her skill with a bow and arrow and her fierce temper. (Highest training score in the 74th Hunger Games).

Did Katniss and Peeta sleep together in the book?

The two don’t have sex on screen. It’s only implied that they get it on via snuggling and other affectionate acts in close quarters — but if you have read the book, they really imply that they took their relationship to the next level.

Why did rue trust Katniss?

Rue formed an alliance with Katniss after warning her about a nest of tracker jackers. Rue decided to trust Katniss partly because of the pin she wore over her heart: the famous mockingjay pin.

Who is the antagonist in The Hunger Games?

Cato is the main antagonist of The Hunger Games. He was the male tribute from District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. He was the leader of the Career pack, the strongest tribute in the arena, and therefore Katniss Everdeen’s primary adversary.

Who is Peeta’s father in The Hunger Games?

Peeta ‘s father, who goes unnamed, was once in love with Katniss’ mother. He points Katniss out to Peeta on their first day of school and visits with Katniss to say goodbye to her before she leaves for the Hunger Games, promising to make sure that Prim gets enough to eat.

Who is Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games?

Effie Trinket — The District 12 escort, who is a happy and bubbly person. She drew Primrose’s (Katniss’ sister) name during the reaping causing Katniss to volunteer as tribute. She wears many different colored wigs and helps Katniss and Peeta get sponsors in the Games. She constantly bickers and argues with Haymitch.

How is Peeta Mellark characterized in The Hunger Games?

Peeta is best characterized by his love for Katniss and willingness to sacrifice himself for her. Katniss’s first memory of him, for instance, is from an incident years before the Games in which Peeta willingly risked a beating to help her.

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