Which is the national bird of Oman?

Which is the national bird of Oman?

Barbary Falcon
The national bird species of Oman is the Barbary Falcon.

What is Oman national flower?

National flower of Oman is Jasmine.

What is the national animal of Muscat?

Arabian Oryx
The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Oman.

What animals are native to Oman?

Despite being considered by many to be mainly a desert country, Oman has a varied wildlife both on land and in its surrounding waters. Mammals such as the leopard, the oryx, gazelles, the tahr, the ibex, desert foxes and wild cats. The waters around Oman are home to twenty-two species of whales and dolphins.

What is the capital of Oman?


The capital, Muscat, lies along the northern coast. Blending modern and traditional architecture, the city commands a view of the Gulf of Oman and serves as a port and commercial centre.

What is Oman known for?

Oman is famous for its ancient aflaj oases irrigation system, terraced orchards (Jebel Akhdar), adobe fortresses, lots of mosques, wadis (stream valleys), dhows (traditional Arabian sailing ships), meteorites, and Al Said, the world’s third-largest yacht, owned by the Sultan.

What is the national food of Oman?

Shuwa. Shuwa is considered by many to be the national dish of Oman.

What makes Oman unique?

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world Oman has been ruled by the Omani Al Said Family since 1744. It is also estimated that humans have been living in Oman for at least 106,000 years, making it one of the oldest human-inhabited countries on Earth.

Are there hyenas in Oman?

Other carnivores present in the reserve include the striped hyena, Blanford’s fox and Arabian wildcat. The central section of Oman has vast stretches of gravelly desert with very little vegetation.

Is Oman poor?

Oman is a high income country that generates 84 percent of its revenue from dwindling oil resources. Hard hit by the global drop in oil prices, the country is trying to diversity its economy through tourism and gas-based industries.

How old is Oman?

Oman has a rich history dating back 100,000 years. Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. By the 18th century, the Omani Empire stretched from present day Oman down the east coast of Africa.

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