Which country has the largest population in the world?

Which country has the largest population in the world?

World Population

Rank. Country Population Rank. Country. Population
1. China 1,397,897,720 6. Nigeria
2. India 1,339,330,514 7. Brazil
3. United States 332,475,723 8. Bangladesh

What are the 10 countries with the largest population?

Ten Countries with the Highest Population in the World. are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico.

Which is the largest or biggest country in the world by population?

Population of Russia Despite its large area, Russia – nowadays the largest country in the world – has a relatively small total population. However, its population is still rather large in numbers in comparison to those of other countries.

What are the 10 countries with the largest population Wikipedia?

10 most populous countries

Rank Country % of world
1 China 17.8%
2 India 17.5%
3 United States 4.21%
4 Indonesia 3.41%

Which country is richest country?

The Richest Countries In The World Ranked

Rank Country GDP per capita (in Int$)
1 Luxembourg 120,962.2
2 Singapore 101,936.7
3 Qatar 93,851.7
4 Ireland 87,212.0

What is the biggest city in the world by population?

Largest Cities in the World (2015)

Rank Urban Area Population Estimate (2015)
1 Tokyo-Yokohama 37,843,000
2 Jakarta 30,539,000
3 Delhi, DL-UP-HR 24,998,000
4 Manila 24,123,000

What are the top 20 most populated countries?

Country Comparison > Population > TOP 20

Rank Country Population
1 China 1,394,016,000
2 India 1,326,093,184
3 United States 332,639,104
4 Indonesia 267,026,368

Who is the richest country in the world?

The Richest Countries In The World Ranked

Rank Country GDP per capita (PPP) in Int $
1 Luxembourg 118,359.5
2 Singapore 98,526.0
3 Ireland 93,612.2
4 Qatar 89,948.6

Is China richer than USA?

National wealth can fluctuate, as evidenced in the United States after the Great Recession and subsequent economic recovery….Total wealth by selected regions and countries.

Country (or region) Total wealth (USD bn) Share
China 74,884 17.9%
India 12,833 3.1%
Latin America 10,872 2.6%
Africa 4,946 1.2%

What’s the richest place on earth?

Richest City In The World

Ranking City GDP
1 Tokyo $1.52 trillion
2 New York City $1.21 trillion
3 Los Angeles $789.7 billion
4 Seoul $779.3 billion

Which countries have the lowest population?

The world’s least populous nation is Greenland, which is two million square kilometers in size and has a population of just 60,000, making its average population density just one person per 40 square kilometers.

What two countries have the largest populations in the world?

China has the world’s largest population (1.42 billion), followed by India (1.35 billion). The next five most populous nations – the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Nigeria – together have fewer people than India.

What are the 20 most populated countries in the world?

The 20 Most Populated Countries in the World in 2019 China – 1,433,783,686. With a population of 1,433,783,686, China is the most populated country in the world. India – 1,366,417,754. India has long been one of the top-ranking countries in terms of population and it is continuing to grow as there was a population growth of United States – 329,064,917. Indonesia – 270,625,568. Pakistan – 216,565,318.

What is country with the lowest population in the world?

Vatican. As seen in tbe picture above.

  • Tuvalu. This is the second least populated country in the world.
  • Nauru. This Nation is located in the pacific ocean.
  • Palau. Just like Nauru,Palau is another island country located in the Pacific.
  • San Marino.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • Monaco.
  • Marshall Island.
  • Andorra.
  • Dominica.
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