Where does Frankenstein try to find some peace?

Where does Frankenstein try to find some peace?

A pivotal scene in Mary Shelley’s 1818 Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus occurs in the Alps, when Victor Frankenstein wanders into the mountains to find some peace from his guilt and terror following the escape of his monster.

Where does Victor Go to cope with his despair after Justine’s death?

To ease his troubled mind, Victor undertakes a tour of the nearby Chamounix valley, France. He hopes that a rest and vacation will do him good.

Where does Victor decide to go after Justine’s execution?

He decides to travel to the summit of Montanvert, hoping that the view of a pure, eternal, beautiful natural scene will revive his spirits. When he reaches the glacier at the top, he is momentarily consoled by the sublime spectacle.

Where does Victor go about two months after Justine’s death?

Victor heads for the Swiss Alps. He leaves in August (about 2 months after Justine’s death) and travels through the Arve Valley, Servox, and Pélissier. He stays in Chamounix.

Why is Victoric suicide ironic?

Victor considers suicide because he feels so guilty about creating a monster that took his brother’s life. He also feels extremely guilty because he kept quiet while Justine was arrested and tried for the killing of William.

What is the first thing Victor says to the creature?

What is the first thing he says to his creature? He feels rage and horror and he says “devil, do you dare approach me?” How does the creature respond to Victor? He is polite and calm, but asks him why did Victor give him life.

How does Victor respond to William’s and Justine’s deaths?

Explain how Victor responds to William’s and Justine’s death. He gets really depressed and extremely remorseful; unable to sleep nad wants to be alone. Summarize what Victor does at night after the rest of his family has gone to bed.

Where does Victor forget his pain?

23.9 Where does Victor go to forget his pain? How is this “romantic”? He goes to the valley of Chamounix in France to be surrounded by beautiful nature.

How does Victor react to Justine’s trial?

How does Victor react to Justine’s trial? Victor’s reaction to Justine’s trial is that he suffers living torture. This tells us that he is very self slenderness, and selfishness.

Who is responsible for Justine’s death in Frankenstein?

However, Victor’s true responsibility in the deaths of his brother and Justine was due to his inability to care for the creature he created. Immediately after the creation of the creature, Victor felt breathless horror and disgust filled [his] heart (Vol.

What happens at Justine’s trial how does Victor respond?

How does Victor respond to Justine’s situation and to Elizabeth’s anguish? Justine confessed to the murder of William because she wanted to forgiven for all the sins that she committed during her life. Victor couldn’t believe that she confessed to the murder, when she knew that she was innocent.

How does Victor respond in the immediate days after Justine’s death how have Elizabeth’s views changed?

How does Victor respond in the days after Justine’s death? How have Elizabeth’s views changed? Unable to sleep, Victor retreats into solitude and shuns human company. Elizabeth sees evil in men.

What does Victor say to Justine in Frankenstein?

When Victor repeats his assertion of Justine’s innocence, her father remarks, “She is to be tried today, and I hope, I sincerely hope, that she will be acquitted.” Justine is already a martyr, in the Frankenstein family’s eyes, in that she is willing to suffer the guilt for a crime she did not commit.

Who is responsible for the death of Victor’s brother?

Not only does Victor know that the monster is responsible for the death of his brother (psychic communication), but the monster was able to find Victor’s family (via psychic communication). Psychic communication is a Gothic novel quality. It is at this point that Victor realizes that creation is responsible for the murder of his brother.

How did Victor get the letter from his father?

Victor receives a letter from his father telling him to return home immediately. William, the youngest in the family, has been murdered by strangulation. The family were out on an evening stroll near their home when the young boy ran ahead of the group.

How is Victor torn between revealing the monster?

Thus, Victor is torn between revealing the monster and risking inquisition on his past or letting the criminal justice system free the accused. Finally at home, Victor engages in a conversation with his family.

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