Where do the cruise ships dock in Jamaica?

Where do the cruise ships dock in Jamaica?

Montego Bay
Jamaica’s main cruise ports, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Falmouth, are equipped to handle the largest cruise ships afloat and offer a full range of services and facilities. Beautiful Port Antonio is an idyllic call for boutique cruise ships and megayachts.

What is the best cruise port in Jamaica?

Ocho Rios
The Jamaican cruise ship ports of Falmouth and Ocho Rios have been named among the top favorite destinations by travelers. Jamaica is a very popular stop on cruise ship itineraries. Falmouth is the newest such port on the island and has been called “super fancy.”

Where do cruise ships dock in Ocho Rios Jamaica?

Turtle Bay Pier
Located on the northern coast of Jamaica, the port of Ocho Rios is just a short walk from the main town. Your ship will dock at either Turtle Bay Pier (closest to the town’s shops and restaurants) or James Bond Pier a little further west.

What port does Royal Caribbean use in Jamaica?

Nestled between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Falmouth is the perfect backdrop for discovery. Falmouth has been one of the most important and popular ports in Jamaica since 1769.

Is Jamaica port open to cruise ships?

Jamaica resumed cruise calls in September 2021. Cruise visitors in Jamaica over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of sailing. For unvaccinated passengers, including children, a PCR test is required.

What is in port Montego Bay?

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Which is better Ocho Rios or Falmouth?

Ocho Rios is the ideal location for a broad range of activities, so if you are the type of person who wants to experience Jamaica through hands-on experiences, Ocho Rios is perfect for you. Falmouth is far more historical, and if you enjoy immersing yourself in the culture of a country, this is the place to be.

What are the names of the Harbours in Jamaica?

Jamaica Harbors

  • Black River Town. Black River.
  • Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay.
  • Falmouth Harbor. Falmouth.
  • Kingston. Kingston.
  • Lovers’ Leap. St. Elizabeth.
  • Lucea Harbour. Lucea.
  • Mahogany Beach. Ocho Rios.
  • Millards Bay. Ocho Rios.

How many cruise ports are in Jamaica?

Your Gateway to Cruising Around Jamaica. The heartbeat of the world is connected to the sea via five ports in the cities of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Port Antonio, and Kingston. These cruise ports in Jamaica are equipped to handle colossal passenger ships and boutique yachts.

Is Jamaica accepting cruise ships 2021?

Cruise lines have already been working with authorities in Jamaica to safely allow cruise ship visitors. Carnival Sunrise became the first ship to resume to the Caribbean destination in August 2021, and cruise lines, including Carnival, require all guests 12 and over to be fully vaccinated.

What cruise line takes you to Jamaica?

Cruises to Montego Bay, Jamaica | Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Is Jamaica allowing cruise ships 2021?

Jamaica resumed welcoming cruise ships safely back to its shores in September 2021.

What cruise lines go to Jamaica?

Several cruise lines travel to Jamaica throughout the year including Carnival (carnival.com), Celebrity (celebritycruises.com), Costa (costacruise.com), Holland America (hollandamerica.com), MSC (msccruises.com), Norwegian (ncl.com), Princess (princess.com) and Royal Caribbean (royalcaribbean.com).

Can you go on a cruise to Jamaica?

This requirement applies to all entry methods, including cruise lines. Although a visa is not required, citizens of the United States traveling to Jamaica via cruise line must present proof of citizenship along with additional documentation to satisfy Jamaican travel requirements.

Does Carnival sail to Jamaica?

Carnival Cruises to Jamaica. Carnival Cruises from Galveston to Jamaica. The Port of Galveston , Texas welcomes many Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ships throughout the year at Galveston’s cruise terminals offering best itineraries to Jamaica.

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