When was Saint Swithin born?

When was Saint Swithin born?

. 800
Swithin, Swithin also spelled Swithun, (born c. 800—died July 2, 862, Winchester, Hampshire, England; feast day July 15), celebrated Anglo-Saxon saint, bishop of Winchester, and royal counselor whose name is still associated with an old meteorological superstition.

What is the story of St Swithun?

St. Swithin was bishop of Winchester from 852 to 862. At his request he was buried in the churchyard, where rain and the steps of passersby might fall on his grave. According to legend, after his body was moved inside the cathedral on July 15, 971, a great storm ensued.

What is St Swithun patron of?

Winchester Cathedral
Also modern replacement shrine. Swithun (or Swithin; Old English: Swīþhūn; Latin: Swithunus; died 863 AD) was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester and subsequently patron saint of Winchester Cathedral. His historical importance as bishop is overshadowed by his reputation for posthumous miracle-working.

Is St Swithins day true?

Well, today is St Swithin’s day. It takes place on 15 July each year, and according to traditional folklore, whatever the weather is like on St Swithin’s Day – whether rain or sunshine – it will continue for the next 40 days and 40 nights. Swithin was a man born in or around the year 800.

Where was Swithin born?

Kingdom of Wessex
Swithun was born in the Kingdom of Wessex (an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom in the South-West and the precursor to the unified Kingdom of England) and educated in Winchester, the Kingdom’s capital.

Who is the rain saint?

Saint Medardus
Well, Saint Medardus is the patron saint of the weather, vineyards, brewers, captives and prisoners, the mentally ill, peasants and sterility. And because he liked to laugh, his intercession is also called upon for toothaches.

How many countries is St George patron saint of?

St George isn’t just the patron saint for England. He also holds this position for Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice (second to Saint Mark).

Who is the patron saint of eggs?

St Swithin’s
St Swithin’s Day commemorates the 9th century Saxon bishop, Swithin, who was chaplain to Egbert, King of Wessex, and the patron saint of Winchester. One miracle associated with him is that of him mending broken eggs.

What happens if it rains on June 8?

If on the 8th of June it rains, it foretells a wet harvest. If it rains on the feast of St. Medard (June 8th), it will rain forty days later; but if it rains on St. Prottis (June 19th), it will rain for the next forty days.

Is St Swithin’s Day the same date every year?

St Swithin’s Day falls on the same date each year – July 15. The feast day marks the date St Swithin’s remains were moved from his grave outside the Old Minister of Winchester to inside the cathedral.

Where was St Swithins from?

kingdom of Wessex
Saint Swithin was a Saxon bishop. He was born in the kingdom of Wessex and educated in its capital, Winchester.

Which saint is Winchester Cathedral dedicated to?

Winchester Cathedral
Denomination Church of England
Website www.winchester-cathedral.org.uk
Dedication Holy Trinity Paul the Apostle Peter the Apostle Swithun

Where did the legend of Swithun come from?

James Raine suggested that the legend was derived from the tremendous downpour of rain that occurred, according to the Durham chroniclers, on St. Swithun’s Day, 1315. John Earle suggests that the legend comes from a pagan or possibly prehistoric day of augury.

Where is the statue of st.swithun located?

Statue of St. Swithun originally on the façade of Winchester Cathedral; now housed in the Crypt. The name of Swithun is best known today for a British weather lore proverb, which says that if it rains on St. Swithun’s day, 15 July, it will rain for forty days.

Who is Swithun in the TV series Vikings?

Swithun appears when the town of Winchester was attacked by the Vikings under the leadership of King Horik and Earl Ragnar Lothbrok. Swithun threatens Athelstan with the punishment that awaits all apostates of the Christian faith.

How is Swithun remembered in the Church of England?

Swithun is remembered in the Church of England with a Lesser Festival on 15 July. Swithun is regarded as one of the saints to whom one should pray in the event of drought.

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