When was high standard double 9?

When was high standard double 9?

A High Standard W-104 “Double-Nine”….

High Standard .22 Revolver
Produced 1955–1980s
Barrel length 4 or 6″ (first models), 2, 2.35, 4, 4.25, 4.5, 5.5, 7 up to 9.5″ (other models)

When did high standard go out of business?

They were discontinued in 1984. In 1968, the company was acquired by the Leisure Group. A turbulent period followed, due to the passage of Gun Control Act of 1968.

How much is a high standard?

What is a HIGH STANDARD H D MILITARY pistol Worth? A HIGH STANDARD H D MILITARY pistol is currently worth an average price of $485.31 used .

What year was the high standard sport king made?

In 1940, they moved forward with what was to become their most popular model for the next twenty years, the H-D.

Are high standard guns good?

22s from High standard were the best guns that ever came out of this great little gun company. Solidly built and sensibly priced, the guns were the answer to a great many shooting needs. The company name said it all.

What is the meaning of high standard?

Noun. The quality of being outstanding or extremely good. excellence. distinction. greatness.

When did the series 104 pistols come out?

The series 104 pistols were introduced in 1963. There were four models in this series: Trophy, Citation, Olympic, and Victor, with several catalog number variations for each model. The Trophy pistols began shipping in 1963, and the Citation and Olympic models began in 1964.

When did the double nine revolver come out?

They didn’t design their first revolver, the Sentinel, until 1955, probably at the behest of Sears, which was a large shareholder in the company. The Double-Nine, a double-action nine shot Western style revolver, first appeared in 1958. It had an aluminum frame, a rebounding hammer, and a 5½ inch barrel.

How big is the barrel on a high standard double nine?

The 1970 Hombre had a 4” barrel, whereas later versions had a 4.5” barrel, as did all the Durangos . High Standard also made a copy of the Double-Nine from 1971 through early 1975 that was called the NATO 49er. It had the aluminum frame of the W-105 series guns, rather than the steel frame of the W-106. W-106.

When was the return spring added to the w-102?

After about a year, in early 1959, the ejector rod latch was modified slightly, as was the frame to accommodate it. W-102. In 1960, for the W-102 series, a return spring was added to the ejector rod.


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