When was Chipeta born?

When was Chipeta born?

June 10, 1843
Chipeta/Date of birth
Chipeta was born June 10, 1843 somewhere in the Conejos Colorado area. She was a Taviwach Nuche and the wife of Chief Ouray. They made their home south of the Present day Montrose along the Uncompahgre River.

What year did Chipeta die?

August 20, 1924
Chipeta/Date of death

Chipeta died from chronic gastritis on August 20, 1924 at the Uintah and Ouray Reservation in Utah. Those in her community buried her in a traditional way which didn’t include boxes, meaning her body was in ground and because of this in 1925, Ute Indian agent F.A.

Did Chief Ouray have children?

In 1851 Ouray moved to Colorado and married his first wife, an Apache named Black Mare. In 1857 the couple celebrated the birth of their first child, a son named Paron (Pahlone). That same year, Black Mare died suddenly for unknown reasons. Two years later, Ouray married Chipeta, his second and much younger wife.

Where is Chipeta buried?

Chipeta Chipeta

Birth 1843
Death 9 Aug 1924 (aged 80–81) Uintah County, Utah, USA
Burial Ouray Memorial Park Montrose, Montrose County, Colorado, USA Show Map
Memorial ID 13863696 · View Source

Why is Chipeta important?

Why Important: Only woman ever allowed to sit on a Ute tribal council, she lobbied the US Congress on behalf of her tribe.

Why did the Meeker massacre happen?

Meeker Massacre and the White River War, Ute War, or the Ute Campaign, were conflicts that began when the Utes attacked an Indian agency on September 29, 1879, killing the Indian agent Nathan Meeker and his 10 male employees for his misdeeds, and then took women and children as hostages.

What was Chipeta known for?

Chipeta (1843–1924) was a Ute woman known for her intelligence, judgment, empathy, bravery, and quiet strength, all of which made her the only woman of her time allowed on the Ute council. She was also the wife of Ouray, whom the United States recognized as the de facto Ute leader in the late nineteenth century.

When did Chief Ouray die?

August 24, 1880
Ouray/Date of death
Ouray died on August 24, 1880 near the Los Piños Indian Agency in Colorado. His people secretly buried him near Ignacio, Colorado. Forty-five years later, in 1925, his bones were re-interred in a full ceremony led by Buckskin Charley and John McCook at the Ignacio cemetery.

Where is Chief Ouray buried?

The chief of the Ute Nation, he was born to an Uncompahgre Ute mother and a Jicarilla Apache father….Chief Ouray.

Birth 13 Nov 1833 Taos, Taos County, New Mexico, USA
Burial Ouray Memorial Park Montrose, Montrose County, Colorado, USA
Memorial ID 13863746 · View Source

Why is Ouray called the Switzerland of America?

Ouray is known as the “Switzerland of America” because of the high mountains rising on three and a half sides of town. The town was named after Chief Ouray of the Ute Indians, a local tribe. Originally established by miners looking for silver and gold, Ouray had more than thirty active mines in 1875.

When was Chief Ouray born?

Ouray/Date of birth
Chief Ouray was born near Taos, New Mexico, in 1833 during the Leonid meteor shower. “Ouray” means “arrow” in the Ute language, and this moniker proved appropriate and even prophetic.

What is Chief Ouray famous for?

Chief Ouray was famous in Colorado and the United States as a man of peace. His great negotiating skills helped prevent the kind of massacres and depredations that had been visited on other tribes from being perpetrated against the Utes.

Where did Chipeta die and where was she buried?

Chipeta died August 20, 1924 at the Uintah and Ouray Reservation in Utah. On March 15, 1925, she was reburied at the site of her former home near Montrose, Colorado. On May 25, 1925, remains believed to be that of Ouray were reburied in the cemetery on the Southern Ute reservation.

How old was Chipeta when her sister died?

When she was fifteen years old, Chipeta began caring for her sister, Black Mare. When her sister died in 1859, Chipeta began raising her nephew and also took on domestic duties caring for Black Mare’s widower, Ouray. Twenty-six-year-old Ouray was a respected hunter and leader among the Tabeguache (Uncompahgre) Utes.

Who was Chipeta and what did she do?

Born a Kiowa Apache, she was raised by the Utes in what is now Conejos, Colorado. An advisor and confidant of her husband, Chipeta continued as a leader of her people after his death in 1880. She was an Indian rights advocate and diplomat.

How old was Ouray when he married Chipeta?

Twenty-six-year-old Ouray was a respected hunter and leader among the Tabeguache (Uncompahgre) Utes. He soon found that Chipeta was not only capable as a mother but also a good friend and confidant. They were soon married and began their life together in 1859, when Chipeta was sixteen.

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