What were the two major city?

What were the two major city?

Answer: The two major cities under the control of the Chahamanas were—Delhi and Ajmer.

What was the major cities?

Beijing. Country: China. 2015 Population: 18.42 million.

  • New York-Newark. Country: United States. 2015 Population: 18.65 million.
  • Cairo. Country: Egypt.
  • Kinki major metropolitan area (Osaka and Kyoto) Country: Japan.
  • Mumbai. Country: India.
  • São Paulo. Country: Brazil.
  • Mexico City. Country: Mexico.
  • Shanghai. Country: China.
  • What were the two major cities under the chairman?

    Complete answer: > In the 12th century, the Chauhan Dynasty or the Chahamanas ruled over the two major cities – Delhi and Ajmer.

    How many major cities are in the US?

    As of 2015, there are over 300 incorporated places in the United States that have a population that exceeds 100,000, which is a pretty sizable increase over the 285 recorded in 2012. According to data from the US Census Bureau, a total of 10 US cities have a population that has surpassed the 1 million milestone.

    What were Nadu Class 7?

    13. What were called ‘nadu’? Answer: The larger units of the groups of ‘ur’ were called ‘nadu’.

    Who were Chahamanas Class 7?

    Chahamanas later came to be known as the Chauhan Rajputs, ruled over the region around Delhi and Ajmer. They made attempts to expand their control to the west and the east, where they were opposed by the Chalukyas of Gujarat and Gahadavalas of western Uttar Pradesh. Prithviraja III was the best known Chahamana ruler.

    What is the 2nd biggest city in the world?

    Largest Cities in the World (2015)

    Rank Urban Area Population Estimate (2015)
    1 Tokyo-Yokohama 37,843,000
    2 Jakarta 30,539,000
    3 Delhi, DL-UP-HR 24,998,000
    4 Manila 24,123,000

    What’s the largest city?


    What were the two major cities under the control of the Chahamanas Brainly?

    Answer: Answer: Delhi and Ajmer were the two major cities that were under the control of the Chahamanas.

    What city name is in all 50 states?

    The name “Springfield” is often thought to be the only community name appearing in each of the 50 States, but at last count it was in only 34 states. The most recent count shows “Riverside” with 186 occurrences in 46 States; only Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Oklahoma not having a community so named.

    What’s the largest city in the US?

    New York, New York
    America’s largest cities

    100 Largest Cities By Population
    Rank City Took office
    1 New York, New York 2014
    2 Los Angeles, California 2013
    3 Chicago, Illinois 2019

    Who called Nadu?

    What were called ‘nadu’? Settlements of peasants, known as ur, became prosperous with the spread of irrigation agriculture. Groups of such villages formed larger units called nadu.

    What are the 5 largest cities in the US?

    The five largest cities in the United States are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix.

    What are the top 10 biggest cities in the world?

    Shanghai – China

  • Beijing – China
  • Karachi – Pakistan
  • Istanbul – Turkey
  • Dhaka – Bangladesh
  • Tokyo – Japan
  • Moscow – Russia
  • Manila – Philippines
  • Tianjin – China
  • Mumbai – India
  • What US city has the largest population?

    The largest city in the United States is New York with a population of 8.4 million. The city is made up of several boroughs, namely the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens , Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

    What is the USA’s largest city?

    United States largest cityNew York City40°43′N 74°00′W

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