What were the names of the first 2 expeditions to explore the Louisiana Territory?

What were the names of the first 2 expeditions to explore the Louisiana Territory?

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–06) was a U.S. military expedition, led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark, to explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest. The expedition was a major chapter in the history of American exploration.

What expedition explored southern parts of Louisiana Territory?

The Pike Expedition (July 15, 1806 – July 1, 1807) was a military party sent out by President Thomas Jefferson and authorized by the United States government to explore the south and west of the recent Louisiana Purchase.

Who else explored the Louisiana Territory?

MERIWETHER LEWIS AND WILLIAM CLARK Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark were tasked by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana territory and map a route across the western half of North America.

What was the expedition called that explored and discovered?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from August 31, 1803, to September 25, 1806, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the United States expedition to cross the newly acquired western portion of the country after the Louisiana Purchase.

Who explored the Rocky Mountains and Colorado?

Juan Antonio María de Rivera (1738–?) was a Spaniard and the first Euro-American to intensively explore the territory that eventually became the state of Colorado. In 1765 he made two trips into western Colorado from New Mexico, traveling as far as the Gunnison River in Delta County.

What river was explored by the Spanish?

The Colorado River was explored by the Spanish. The Rio Grande forms the border with Mexico. The Pacific Ocean was an early exploration route. The Gulf of Mexico provided the French and Spanish with exploration routes to Mexico and other parts of America.

What was the Zebulon Pike Expedition?

Zebulon Pike, the U.S. Army officer who in 1805 led an exploring party in search of the source of the Mississippi River, sets off with a new expedition to explore the American Southwest. Pike was instructed to seek out headwaters of the Arkansas and Red rivers and to investigate Spanish settlements in New Mexico.

What was the pike Wilkinson expedition?

In 1805 Wilkinson commissioned Zebulon Pike to lead a small military expedition to find the headwaters of the Mississippi River and to acquire sites for U.S. military outposts. Crossing present Oklahoma, they reconnoitered, traveling in canoes down the Arkansas to its confluence with the Mississippi River in Arkansas.

What did Lewis and Clark find on their expedition?

But during their 8,000-mile journey from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean and back between 1804-1806, Lewis and Clark discovered 122 animal species, including iconic American animals like the grizzly bear, coyote, prairie dog and bighorn sheep.

What did Lewis and Clark discover on their expedition?

How was Pike’s expedition similar to Lewis and Clark’s expedition?

How was Pike’s expedition similar to that of Lewis and Clark’s? How was it different? It was close to the same because he was traveling in uncharted territory and it was different because he had to turn back. Describe how the sequence o f Lewis and Clark’s expedition related to that of Zebulon Pike.

Who was sent to explore the Louisiana Territory?

President Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory, after he purchased it from France’s Napoleon Bonaparte.

Who did Jefferson send to explore the Louisiana Territory?

The two men that President Thomas Jefferson sent to explore the new territory acquired through the Louisiana Purchase were: William Clark and Meriwether Lewis .

What were the names of the explorers that explored Louisiana?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition began in 1804, when President Thomas Jefferson tasked Meriwether Lewis with exploring lands west of the Mississippi River that comprised the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis chose William Clark as his co-leader for the mission.

Who led the exploration of the Louisiana Territory?

Jefferson soon commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, to explore the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase .

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