What was the Spartan rite of passage called?

What was the Spartan rite of passage called?

Most people are aware of the Spartans and their intense training and child combat trials from the film “300.” One of the most interesting rite of passage for young men was called Helot Killing.

What was the role of a Spartan male?

The men lived in army barracks, or military lodgings, outside of town. Spartan men spent their days either fighting in wars or training for battle. All fit males spent the majority of their lives in the army. Newborn sons were examined to determine their strength.

Who had more rights in Spartan?

Spartan women
Spartan women had more rights and enjoyed greater autonomy than women in any other Greek city-state of the Classical Period (5th-4th centuries BCE). Women could inherit property, own land, make business transactions, and were better educated than women in ancient Greece in general.

What were all the men in Sparta expected to do?

All Spartan men were expected to be lifelong soldiers. This commitment could last for decades, as warriors were required to remain on reserve duty until the age of 60.

What was the right of passage boys had to undergo in order to become a Spartan soldier?

Purpose. According to Plutarch, the main purpose of the agōgē was for Spartan boys to undergo intense physical trials in order to prepare their bodies for the harshness of war.

What are the different types of rites of passage?

In North America today, typical rites of passage are baptisms, bar mitzvahs and confirmations, school graduation ceremonies, weddings, retirement parties, and funerals.

What qualities was it important for Spartan men?

Spartan men stayed in the army until they turned 60. The Spartans believed that the most important qualities of good soldiers were self-discipline and obedience. To reinforce self-discipline they required soldiers to live tough lives free from comforts.

Why did Spartan males live in barracks?

The concept was that a soldier must learn stealth and cunning. At age 20, Spartan men had to pass a series of demanding tests of physical prowess and leadership abilities. Those that passed became members of the Spartan military, and lived in barracks with the other soldiers.

What were Spartan women’s rights?

Spartan women were famous in ancient Greece for having more freedom than women elsewhere in the Greek world. Unlike their Athenian counterparts, Spartan women could legally own and inherit property and they were usually better educated. The surviving written sources are limited and largely from a non-Spartan viewpoint.

Who was right Sparta or Athens?

Sparta is far superior to Athens because their army was fierce and protective, girls received some education and women had more freedom than in other poleis. First, the army of Sparta was the strongest fighting force in Greece.

What and how were Spartan boys trained?

They were taught boxing, swimming, wrestling, javelin-throwing, and discus-throwing. They were trained to harden themselves to the elements. At the age of 18, Spartan boys had to go out into the world and steal their food.

What was the right of passage for a Spartan Boy?

A Spartan boy’s right of passage was not to kill a wolf, it was to sneak out and murder a slave (Helot). If you were discovered, then you would be punished severely, not for taking the life of another human being, but rather for getting caught. Murdering a slave was meant to train you in the art of evasion.

Where does the Spartan Boy go in the Krypteia?

In the Krypteia, the Boy would have intenser training than before. The boy would be sent out into the wilderness, again somewhere in Ancient Greece. The boy is tasked with killing as many Helots as they can without getting spotted (Helots are slaves owned by the spartan state).

What was the first stage of the rite of passage?

This rite of passage follows the three stage process. The first stage is removal from society, happening to a Spartan boy at age seven, leaving to train at the agoge. This stage includes twenty three years of training and combat experience, turning Spartan boys into men.

How old did Spartan soldiers have to be to go to the agoge?

Women would also compete in athletic event. Spartan soldiers would bring many young boys at the age 7, to the Agoge. At the Entrance of the Agoge, a spartan Paidonomos would greet the boys and take them to the training hall.

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