What was Lucha Villa real name?

What was Lucha Villa real name?

Luz Elena Ruiz Bejarano
Lucha Villa/Full name

How old is Lucha Villa?

84 years (November 30, 1936)
Lucha Villa/Age

How tall is Lucha Villa?

1.75 m
Lucha Villa/Height

What happened Lucha Villa?

She fell into a coma because of complications during surgery in August 1997, but recovered after a long stay in hospital, and has appeared on television sporadically since then.

Where is Lucha Villa from?

Camargo, Mexico
Lucha Villa/Place of birth

How tall is Lola Beltran?

Lola Beltrán/Height

What did Jose Alfredo Jimenez died of?

José Alfredo Jiménez/Cause of death

Like many of his contemporary stars, such as Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, and Javier Solís, Jiménez died young. He was only forty-seven years old when he died in Mexico City, of complications resulting from cirrhosis of the liver.

How old was Lola Beltran when she died?

64 years (1932–1996)
Lola Beltrán/Age at death
Lola Beltran, a prototypal Mexican ranchera singer who recorded more than 100 albums and was known to her fans as “Lola la Grande” and “La Reina,” has died. She was reportedly 64 but may have been in her 70s. Beltran, also an actress in more than 50 Mexican films, died Sunday night in Mexico City of a stroke.

What did Lola Beltran died of?

Hospital Angeles Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Lola Beltrán/Place of death

How many songs did José Alfredo Jiménez compose?

His songs are considered an integral part of Mexico’s musical heritage and he composed more than 1,000 songs despite not being able to read music, play an instrument, or even knowing the Spanish word for “waltz”.

How old was José Alfredo Jiménez when he died?

47 years (1926–1973)
José Alfredo Jiménez/Age at death

What happened to Lola Beltran?

Lola Beltran, a popular singer and actress in Mexico for more than four decades, died Sunday of a stroke. She was believed to be in her late 70s. Beltran died at the Angeles Hospital in Mexico City, Mexico’s Notimex news agency said.

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