What Waipunarangi means?

What Waipunarangi means?

Waipunarangi symbolises the relationship water has to our life cycle, how it is evaporated from the rivers, oceans and lakes to fall again as the rain which we drink and which nourishes the land. This is the same relationship that builders have with homeowners.

What is the job of Waipunarangi?

Waipunarangi. Tangaroa God of the seaMāori | Noun to feed the people. Ranginui the sky fatherMāori | Noun collects together to provide drinking water for the people, animals and plants.

What is Matariki and why is it important?

Traditionally, Matariki was used to determine the coming season’s crop. A warmer season, and therefore a more productive crop yield, was indicated by how bright the stars were. Matariki provides an ideal opportunity to explore the ways that people pass on and sustain aspects of their culture and heritage.

What does waita the star do?

Waita is the star connected to the many kinds of food Māori gather from the sea. Waipunarangi is connected to rain. Ururangi means “winds of the sky”. This star determines the nature of the winds for the year.

What star is Waipunarangi?

1. (personal noun) Electra – one of the stars in Te Kāhui o Matariki, the Pleiades star cluster.

What does pohutukawa star mean?

Pohutukawa is the star that connects Matariki to the deceased and is the reason people would cry out the names of the dead and weep when Matariki was seen rising in the early morning.” It is through Pohutukawa that Māori remember those who have died in the past year.

What are some facts about Waipunarangi?

Waipunarangi is connected to rain, and translates as ‘water that pools in the sky’. In fact, Tā puapua means “lying in pools” and the rainy season is known to Māori as Te Matariki Tā puapua. Here are two activities to do together with your classmates to remind you of Waipunarangi and the rain.

What is the story of Matariki?

Traditionally, Matariki was a time to acknowledge the dead and to release their spirits to become stars. It was also a time to reflect, to be thankful to the gods for the harvest, to feast and to share the bounty of the harvest with family and friends.

How do you say Happy Matariki in Te Reo?

Say ‘happy Matariki’ in te reo Māori by saying ‘Ngā mihi o Matariki, te tau hou Māori’.

What is Tupu a Rangi the god of?

Tupu-ā-rangi connects with Tanemahuta, god of the forest, the forests, trees, berries and birds. It stands for renewal of our nature and new plantings and growth. Tupu-ā-nuku symbolises the growing and nurturing of food that can be harvested from the earth and all edible plants.

How long does Matariki last?

The Matariki new moon happens some time in June or July each year. Some people celebrate the New Year on the day the new moon rises, and others celebrate on the day after the new moon. Celebrations can last for up to 3 days.

What does each Matariki star mean?

The Matariki star cluster. The two meanings of Matariki both refer to stars: mata ariki (eyes of god) and mata riki (little eyes).

What does waipunarangi stand for in the sky?

Waipunarangi is a weather star that links the entire Matariki cluster to rain. The name itself means ‘water pools in the sky’. The pooling of rain on the ground caused by heavy rainstorms in winter are referred to as ‘Matariki tapuapua’.

What kind of star is Waipuna a Rangi?

1. (personal noun) Electra – one of the stars in Te Kāhui o Matariki, the Pleiades star cluster. Sometimes as Waipuna-a-rangi. A star associated with rain.

Who are the Twins in waipunarangi and Matariki?

Waipunarangi knows that if you give to others, all that kindness will come right back to you, and it is this lesson that she shares with us. Waitī and Waitā are Matariki’s twins.

Why does Tupu a Rangi sing to Papatuanuku?

Tupu-ā-rangi loves to sing. Papatūānuku takes her to sing for te wao nui, for te wao nui te wao nui the great forests, and all the children of Tānemahuta. Her beautiful voice revives the forest and all the other creatures, including the manu

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