What treat does the Walrus offer the oysters?

What treat does the Walrus offer the oysters?

‘A load of bread,’ the Walrus said, ‘Is what we chiefly need: Pepper and vinegar besides Are very good indeed – Now if you’re ready Oysters dear, We can begin to feed. ‘

What did the young oysters do when Walrus and the Carpenter invited?

The walrus and the carpenter are walking along the beach. They are unhappy about all the sand and think the beach would be better without it. They invite oysters to join them on their walk. It then becomes clear to the oysters that they are going to be eaten.

What happened to the oysters at the end of the poem?

‘ They’d eaten every one.” The poem ends with the carpenter addressing the oysters, trying to apologize to them for what they’re about to do, but it’s too late. Before they know if they have eaten every one and there is no one left to apologize too.

Why did the oysters turn a little blue?

Answer: The oysters wanted to rest for a while. As they were all fat and had been made to trot or run fast they were tired. They turned blue when they realized that they were going to be eaten by the Walrus and the Carpenter.

Did the carpenter eat the oysters?

After walking along the beach (a point is made of the fact that the oysters are all neatly shod despite having no feet), they rest on a low rock. After bringing bread, pepper, and vinegar the Walrus and the Carpenter are revealed to be predatory and eat all of the oysters.

What is the meaning of cabbages and kings?

The full line is: “Let us talk of cabbages and kings Not the shadow waiting in the wings…” @zaguro So it means: “talking of many different things”? I have found this line in the song “Master of the Strings” Rudolf. The full line is: “Let us talk of cabbages and kings.

What is the real message of the poem Walrus and the Carpenter?

‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ is a narrative poem famous for the themes of death and betrayal. It was first published in 1865. This poem speaks about a Walrus and a Carpenter who trick innocent young oysters and eat them after a walk on the seashore. The poem also deals with the idea of cunningness in human nature.

Why did the Walrus and the Carpenter invite the oysters What was their intention?

Answer: The Walrus intends to deceive oysters into thinking they are going to have a pleasant chat. Out of breath after a long walk, the oysters ask them to wait. The walrus tries to show sympathy toward the poor creatures, but the carpenter simply wants to eat them.

Why did the Walrus and the Carpenter eat the oysters?

Walrus and the Carpenter intend to eat the oysters. That is why they ask them to join for a walk. Being wise, an older oyster understands their intention and does not join them. However, the younger oysters fall into their trap, despite the warning of their fellow oyster.

Do walruses eat oysters?

Eat clams, oysters, and mussels like a walrus Walruses eat a huge variety of invertebrates, from crabs and snails to sea cucumbers and worms. Marine worms may be best left to the walruses, but one element of their diet is just as good for humans as it is for the ocean’s health: clams, mussels, and oysters.

What is the real message of the poem the Walrus and the Carpenter?

What does the walrus represent?

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