What should you do if you are being tailgated by an aggressive driver?

What should you do if you are being tailgated by an aggressive driver?

If you are being tailgated, leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Signal Lights–Always use your signals when changing lanes, and avoid changing lanes too close to the other vehicles. After you have changed lanes, turn your signal off.

What do you do with an aggressive driver?

How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers

  • Check and Correct Your own Behavior. While there is never an excuse for road rage, sometimes frustrated drivers get worse due to other motorists.
  • Let Them Pass.
  • Ignore the Behavior.
  • Practice Acceptance.
  • Pull Over.
  • Call 911.

How do you deal with a tailgating car?

It is wise to move out of their way by pulling over or turning left, avoid slowing down or flashing your brake lights, as this may escalate the situation to road rage.

What do you do if someone rides your bumper?

Pull over and allow the vehicle to pass. The easiest thing to do if you have someone tailgating you is to pull over and let that person pass you. If it’s safe, just pull to the side of the road and allow whomever was following you to pass. Get back onto the road when you feel it safe to do so.

What should you do if you are being tailgated by an aggressive driver quizlet?

Increase your following distance by getting farther away from the vehicles ahead of you If you are being tailgated, you should increase your following distance (the distance between your vehicle and the vehicles ahead of you) to help you avoid having to make sudden changes and to allow the tailgater room to get around …

What actions could you take when you are being tailgated?

What actions could you take when you are being tailgated? Brake slowly before stopping, avoid tailgaters when possible by changing lanes, if you cannot change lanes, slow down enough to encourage the tailgater to go around you. If this does not work, pull off the road when safe and let the tailgater pass.

What are two strategies for dealing with an aggressive driver?

Be a courteous driver Control your anger. Don’t take traffic problems personally. Avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver. Don’t make obscene gestures.

Can you report aggressive drivers?

The short answer is, yes. If you see someone on the road driving recklessly—whether they are texting, inebriated, overly aggressive, or otherwise—you should report it by calling 9-1-1. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when calling.

How do I stop being aggressive while driving?

Make sure that your driving does not upset others. Always indicate before changing lanes and turn indicator off when done, dip your bright headlights for oncoming vehicles at night, and do not block the passing lane for faster drivers. Try to avoid driving when you are feeling stressful, emotional or angry.

When being tailgated by another vehicle what should you do?

If you are being tailgated by another driver and there is a right lane, move over to the right. If there is no right lane, wait until the road ahead is clear and then reduce your speed slowly. This will encourage the tailgater to drive around you.

What should I do if I’m being tailgated?

If you are being tailgated, do not slow down more, brake check, or look at the driver to teach them a lesson. You’re more likely to escalate the situation. Collect the license plate number, pull off of the road and remain in your vehicle if a tailgater causes an accident.

How to deal with aggressive drivers on the road?

There are a number of steps you can take when dealing with crazy drivers on the road. Firstly, make every attempt to get out of their way. Swallow your pride. Make sure your seat belt is buckled. Avoid eye contact with them. Ignore any gestures they make, and don’t return them. Report aggressive drivers once you’re pulled off the road.

Why do some drivers go slow when tailgating?

Many drivers go slow because the road conditions call for it. Maybe the road is icy or wet, or really curvy, so you’ve slowed down. When the road straightens out, or becomes dry, don’t speed up if there is a car tailgating you. Speeding up on the straightaways and not allowing the tailgater to pass will likely make them mad.

Why are tailgaters behind you on the road?

Tailgaters may be stuck behind you because your speed is inconsistent and they may not feel it’s safe to pass you. Keep your speed as constant as possible so the tailgater has a chance to judge if it’s safe to pass you. [2] Driving Instructor Expert Interview. 18 November 2019.

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