What seat does Jodi McKay hold?

What seat does Jodi McKay hold?

Jodi McKay
Succeeded by Chris Minns
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Member of the New South Wales Parliament for Strathfield

What political party is Jodi McKay with?

Australian Labor Party (New South Wales Branch)
Jodi McKay/Parties

Which electorate does Jodi McKay represent?

Electoral district of Strathfield. Strathfield is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is represented by Jodi McKay of the Labor Party.

Who is Jody McKay married to?

Stephen Fenn
Jodi McKay/Spouse

Who is the Member for Strathfield?

Ms Jodi Leyanne MCKAY, MPA(Syd), GAICD MP

A Ms Jodi McKay, MP Shop 2 36-38 Victoria Street BURWOOD NSW 2134
P (02) 9747 1711
F (02) 9747 6054
E [email protected]

How old is Jodi McKay?

52 years (August 16, 1969)
Jodi McKay/Age

Where was Jodi McKay born?

Gloucester, Australia
Jodi McKay/Place of birth

Is Jody McKay married?

Where was Jodi Mckay born?

How old is Jodi Mckay?

Does Jodi McKay have a partner?

Why did Jodi McKay lose her seat in 2011?

Ms McKay’s first term in parliament coincided with the implosion of a tired Labor government riddled with corruption. She lost the seat in 2011 to Liberal Tim Owen, 52.6 per cent to 47.4 per cent. She emerged from an eviscerating ICAC examination unscathed, but many on both sides did not.

When did Jodi McKay become Labor candidate for Newcastle?

In 2011, McKay was reaffirmed as the Labor candidate for Newcastle by the party’s national executive. At the 2011 election, McKay recorded a 31.0% share of the primary vote, her Liberal opponent received 36.4%, Tate had 11.5% and the Greens 14.6%.

What did Jodi McKay do in the Rees government?

Between 2008 and 2011, McKay held a number of junior ministerial responsibilities in the Rees and Keneally governments, including serving as the Minister for the Hunter, Tourism, Small Business, Science and Medical Research, Commerce, and Women, and Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer).

When did Jodi McKay become member for Strathfield?

At the 2015 state election, McKay was elected as the member for Strathfield, with an 8.2% swing to Labor. In April 2015, she was appointed as the Shadow Minister for Police and Roads, Maritime and Freight. In 2016, she was promoted to Shadow Minister for Transport and Shadow Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight.

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