What percentage of restaurant workers are teenagers?

What percentage of restaurant workers are teenagers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found 1.7 million teens clocked in at restaurants in 2018—the same number as 2007. The key there is the figure stagnated despite the total restaurant count leaping 16 percent. Overall, 41.3 percent of teens held a job in 2007. By 2018, it was 35.1 percent.

How many teens work in the food industry?

In 2020, 1.63 million people between the ages of 16 and 19 worked at food and drinking places, according to BLS data. That’s down from 1.73 million teens a year earlier as the coronavirus pandemic led to soaring unemployment across industries, particularly in hospitality.

What percentage of people work in fast food?

Fast Food Worker Age Breakdown

Fast Food Worker Years Percentages
20-30 years 41%
30-40 years 15%
40+ years 17%

How many employees work at a fast food restaurant?

How many people does the average business in the Fast Food Restaurants industry in the US employ? The average Fast Food Restaurants business in the US has 16.3 employees.

Are fast food jobs meant for teenagers?

The majority of fast food workers aren’t teenagers, but real adults with real responsibilities. Opponents of raising wages for fast food workers often say that those jobs are mostly for teenagers living with their parents who are just looking for some extra spending money.

Why do fast food restaurants hire mostly teenage employees?

Fast food restaurants love to hire teens because they’ll work for cheap and very long hours. Most of these teenage workers can be forced to work more than 40 hours a week without being paid, even though they’re part-time. There’s no benefits for them, so if an injury occurs, you better hope they’re insured.

What percentage of fast food workers are adults 2020?

The majority (53 percent) of workers in fast-food are adults (21 and older) with a high school degree or more, which you would never guess from the way the industry pays. 1 Workers can earn below the minimum wage for several reasons.

How many employees does 1 Mcdonalds have?

On a average there is 8 people working at a time or it just depends. There had to be at least 2 shift managers at all times, the other staff varied by shift. Usually on first and second shift we averaged 22-25 crew members.

Why teens should never work in fast food restaurants?

Speaking of safety issues, an estimated 28,000 teens in fast food jobs are rushed to the ER each year with job related injuries. Most of these injuries are burns from hot grease, slip and falls, and inhaling poisonous fumes.

Is fast food the worst job?

Working in a fast food restaurant is not a job everyone can do. In the past, fast food jobs had a somewhat bad reputation due to the pay as well as the work pace. Much like any other job, working in fast food has its cons that will undoubtedly discourage some people from applying in the first place.

Can a teenager work in a restaurant?

The Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) sets rules for minors based on different age groups. Teens who are 14 to 15 years old can work in restaurants and quick-service businesses during non-school hours, up to three hours on school days, and up to 18 hours on a school week.

Is fast food a real job?

We’ve heard it twice. And we’re sure to hear it again: Fast food jobs aren’t “real jobs.” They’re for teenagers who need extra cash or for young workers who need a “launching pad” to a better job down the line. But in reality, fast food jobs are a very real segment of our economy.

How many fast food workers are teens or adults?

A analysis of government data found that only 30 percent of fast-food workers are teens. The is photo of a fast-food workers’ strike in July in Michigan

Are there any fast food restaurants that hire teens?

Arby’s is a fast-food sandwich restaurant chain in the U.S. It has over 3,300 restaurant locations that hire teens. Arby’s employee perks include a training program with 50% meal discounts, competitive pay, and flexible hours for teenagers. Its training program makes it a great place to work with no experience.

How old do you have to be to work at a fast food restaurant?

How old do you have to be to work at Fast Food Restaurants? The Federal Laws have set age 14 as the minimum age to work. Hence, a limited amount of restaurants will hire at 14 and no younger. However, they cannot employ you to work in precarious or hazardous positions.

Where do most teen worker injuries occur in restaurants?

The majority of injuries to teen workers in fast food restaurants occurred in hamburger restaurants (52.6 percent), followed by pizza restaurants (12.6 percent) and chicken/fish restaurants (11.7 percent).

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