What is the main conflict in saving Zasha?

What is the main conflict in saving Zasha?

World War II has just ended when 13 year-old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German Shepard, Zasha, in the woods. It’s dangerous to own a German dog after Germany attacked Russia, so Mikhail must keep Zasha a secret to keep her alive. But Mikhail’s rival, Katia, is determined to find the dog she is sure he’s hiding.

Who is the main character in saving Zasha?

The characters in the story are Mikhail, Nikolai, Rina, their mother, their father, Dimitri, and Katia. The first 6 names are nice people trying to save Zasha. The last name is the pesky reporter who trys to keep Zasha.

What is the setting in saving Zasha?

Saving Zasha takes place just after World War ll in a small town in Russia. The main characters live in a old house by a forest on the edge of town.

What is the genre of the book Saving Zasha?

Historical Fiction
Saving Zasha/Genres
Saving Zasha is a fictional story by author Randi Barrow, which follows a young boy in Russia as he finds and harbors an outlawed breed, a German shepherd named Zasha. This work of children’s historical fiction takes place in post-World War II Russia, which may give students a perspective they are not often exposed to.

Who are the characters in Saving Zasha?

Terms in this set (14)

  • Dimitri. Former soldier who is breeding dogs and owns a kennel.
  • Petr. The assumed name of the injured man who comes to the Tarkov farm with Zasha.
  • Mikhail. 13 year old boy who finds and protects Zasha from a variety of threats including the men in the yellow truck.
  • Rina.
  • Zasha.
  • Nikolai.
  • Mother.
  • Constantin.

What is the lexile of saving Zasha?

Scholastic, Inc. Lexile: 670L (what’s this?)

Is Ivan in saving Zasha?

Editor review This prequel to Saving Zasha recounts the story of Ivan, who is living in an apartment in Leningrad with his mother. When the city is bombed, a neighbor comes to live with them, and Auntie, who has lived through the revolution, shows Ivan many tricks that he needs to survive.

How many pages are in saving Zasha?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780545532273
Pages: 240
Lexile: 670L (what’s this?)
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 10 – 14 Years

What happens in finding Zasha?

Finding Zasha is about a 12-year-old boy named Ivan who, in the midst of Nazi-occupied Russia, leaves his family to live with relatives. He joins an anti-German group, is employed by a German commander, and then escapes with two of the commander’s dogs.

Is Finding Zasha or saving Zasha first?

I was therefore excited to read her newest novel, Finding Zasha, a prequel to Saving Zasha. Set in the middle of World War II Russia, Finding Zasha is another page-turner, filled with adventure, danger, and yes, adorable German shepherd puppies being raised by the Nazis for nefarious purposes.

How does Finding Zasha end?

Ivan finds himself being chased by Recht, who is blindly determined to recover his dogs at whatever cost. All this action, of course, takes place in the midst of a war zone. The novel ends on a hopeful note, with the possibility of Ivan’s being reconciled with his mother. Finding Zasha by Randi G.

What happens in Finding Zasha?

Who are the main characters in saving Zasha?

The book Saving Zasha,by Randi Barrow, is a very exceptional book that shows the life of those affected by the aftermath of WW2. Specifically, this book is centered around the great country of Russia with the protagonist, a 13 year old boy named Mikhail and his family, living out in a house in the middle of nowhere.

What happens in the story saving Zasha by Randi Barrow?

What happens in the story is that a boy named Mikhail finds a wounded soldier and his dog named Zasha.He takes the wounded soldier and the dog home to his family. Then the mom tries her best to save the soldier.

How old is Mikhail in the book Saving Zasha?

World War II has just ended when thirteen-year-old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd, Zasha, in the woods. It’s dangerous — some say traitorous — to own a German dog after Germany attacked Russia, so Mikhail must keep Zasha a secret to keep her alive.

Where does the story of Zasha take place?

You’ll Fall in Love with Zasha and Mikhail ! ! I found this book to be: exceptionally well-written, poignant, & charming. Great for: upper elementary, middle school. This engaging, moving, thrilling story is set in a rural part of northern Russia, at the end of World War II.

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