What is the best share?

What is the best share?

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India

Name LTP High
Divis Lab. 4,896.70 5,040
Hindalco Inds. 469.80 481
HDFC Bank 1,600.25 1,605
Power Grid Corpn 189.15 190

Which share is the best share to buy?

A detailed table with various parameters for Best Long term Stocks to buy:

1 Caplin Point Labs 524742
2 Marico 531642
3 Avanti Feeds 512573
4 Tata Metaliks 513434

What is the highest share in the world?

Here we have listed the most expensive top 10 stocks in the world in a ascending order:

  • Next Plc.
  • Seaboard Corporation.
  • NVR Inc.
  • Booking Holdings Inc.
  • Amazon Inc.
  • Market Corporation.
  • Madras Rubber Factory Limited (MRF)
  • Alphabet Inc. ( Google)

Which share is best for today?

Latest in Today’s Pick

  • Berger Paints (₹749.80): SELL.
  • Strides Pharma Science (₹542.7): Sell.
  • India Glycols (₹857.5): SELL.
  • Steel Authority of India (₹129): Buy.
  • EID Parry (₹472.4): BUY.
  • Equitas Small Finance Bank (₹68.6): BUY.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra (₹878.15): BUY.
  • NHPC (₹30.25): Buy.

What is best way to invest money?

Best Options for Investment

  1. Mutual Funds. When it comes to long term wealth creation to achieve financial objectives like retirement or buying a home, equity mutual funds are the best options amongst the other.
  2. Real Estate.
  3. Stock Market.
  4. NPS.
  5. PPF.
  6. Initial Public Offerings.
  7. Systematic Investment Plans.

Which share is lowest price?

low price shares

S.No. Name B.V. Rs.
1. Elixir Capital 55.64
2. Lak. Fin. & Indl 158.03
3. LKP Finance 241.30
4. B N Rathi Sec. 49.27

Which share gives highest return?

Highest returns in 5 year

S.No. Name 5Yrs return %
1. Authum Invest 147.87
2. GRM Overseas 126.05
3. Best Agrolife 120.45
4. HLE Glascoat 117.07

What is the biggest share rise ever?

Largest daily percentage gains

Rank Date Change
1 1933-03-15 +15.34
2 1931-10-06 +14.87
3 1929-10-30 +12.34

What are most expensive stocks?

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Berkshire Hathaway has the highest-priced shares of any U.S. company, and is also one of the largest companies in the world, consistently ranking in the top 10 by market value.

Which share will grow in future?


Bajaj Finance BAJFINANCE 28.15
Britannia Industries BRITANNIA 17.54
Muthoot Finance MUTHOOTFIN 36.11
Petronet LNG PETRONET 27.98

Which investment is best and safe?

Comparison of Top Safe and Return Investments in India

Investment Return Potential Suitable for
Capital Guarantee Plan Moderate-High All
Public Provident Fund (PPF) High Risk-averse investors
Bank FDs Medium Risk-averse investors
NPS High All

How can I grow my money?

Top 10 ways to grow your money

  1. Get out of debt.
  2. Have a savings safety net.
  3. Pay off your mortgage.
  4. Spread your bets.
  5. Be regular.
  6. Get informed.
  7. Invest in cheap, simple products.
  8. Cut down on the tax.

What makes a company have a high market share?

Companies with the highest market share in their industries almost invariably have the most skilled and dedicated employees. Bringing the best employees on board reduces expenses related to turnover and training, and enables companies to devote more resources to focus on their core competencies.

Which is the correct definition of market share?

What Is Market Share? Market share is the percent of total sales in an industry generated by a particular company. Market share is calculated by taking the company’s sales over the period and

Why is it important to know your market share?

Market share is calculated as the percentage of company sales compared to the total share of sales in its respective industry over a time period. A company’s market share can influence its operations significantly, namely, its share performance, scalability, and prices that it can offer for its product or services. Why is market share important?

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