What is the age of Jack Hobbs?

What is the age of Jack Hobbs?

81 years (1882–1963)
Jack Hobbs/Age at death

Where did jack Hobbs live?

John Berry Hobbs was born in Cambridge and started playing for his home county in 1904. He went on to play for Surrey from 1905 to 1934 and for England from 1908 to 1930. Hobbs, his wife Ada and their children lived at 17 Englewood Road between 1912 and 1927 – the years of Hobbs’s greatest achievement and fame.

How good was jack Hobbs?

From this point of view, Hobbs was, without argument, the most accomplished batsman known to cricket since WG Grace. In his career, Hobbs scored 61,237 runs with an average of 50.65, and scored 197 centuries. He played in 61 Test Matches. Other players have challenged the statistical values of Hobbs’ cricket.

What kind of person was JB Hobbs?

Known as “The Master”, he is regarded by critics as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the leading run-scorer and century-maker in first-class cricket, with 61,760 runs and 199 centuries.

Who has the most first-class centuries in cricket?

Jack Hobbs
But do you know, who has scored the most hundreds in first-class cricket ever? The answer is Jack Hobbs, who smashed 199 centuries in his first-class career. The former English cricketer played in 834 matches and scored 61760 runs at an average of 50.70.

Who has played the most first-class cricket matches?

Wilfred Rhodes
Most matches in First-Class cricket Wilfred Rhodes holds the record for playing most number of First-Class matches in the history of cricket. He has played 1,110 First-Class matches in his career and owns the record by quite a margin as the second placed Frank Woolley has 978 matches.

Which cricketer has scored the most centuries in history?

Sachin Tendulkar
The current holder of the record for most centuries in Test cricket is Sachin Tendulkar of India, who has scored 51 centuries.

Who has the most first class centuries in cricket?

Which bowler has the most hat tricks?

The only other bowler to have taken multiple hat-tricks is Chaminda Vaas of Sri Lanka. Hat-tricks are dominated by fast bowlers with Saqlain the only spinner to have taken an ODI hat-trick….Hat-tricks.

* Hat-trick taken in a World Cup match
(c) Caught
(c and b) Caught and bowled
(lbw) Leg before wicket
(st) Stumped

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