What is it called when you influence something?

What is it called when you influence something?

Verb. affect, influence, touch, impress, strike, sway mean to produce or have an effect upon.

What is the synonym of the word influence?

effect, impact. control, sway, hold, power, authority, ascendancy, mastery, domination, supremacy, leadership. guidance, direction, pressure. 2’she has been denounced as a bad influence on young girls’

What is the synonym of nuances?

Words related to nuance distinction, gradation, hint, implication, nicety, refinement, subtlety, dash, degree, shade, shadow, suggestion, suspicion, tinge, touch, trace, soupçon.

What is another word for good influence?

Some common synonyms of influence are authority, credit, prestige, and weight.

What is the term for the ability to influence another person?

power. the ability to influence another person. agent. person using the power.

What is the adjective form of influence?

influential. Having or exerting influence.

What is the synonym of influential?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for influential, like: important, instrumental, effective, potent, ineffectual, momentous, powerful, consequential, substantial, famous and leading.

What does it mean when something is nuanced?

: having nuances : having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in character or tone) a nuanced performance Whenever the movie focusses on Van Doren and Goodwin and Stempel, it treats them as nuanced human beings.

What is the synonym of nonchalantly?

Some common synonyms of nonchalant are collected, composed, cool, imperturbable, and unruffled. While all these words mean “free from agitation or excitement,” nonchalant stresses an easy coolness of manner or casualness that suggests indifference or unconcern.

What is the adjective for influence?

influential. / (ˌɪnflʊˈɛnʃəl) / adjective. having or exerting influence.

Is leadership and influence synonymous?

Leadership and influence are related (and even sometimes used interchangeably), but they’re not one and the same. If your goal is to become a leader and an influencer, understanding the difference is crucial.

What is legitimate power?

Legitimate power – The authority granted to someone stemming from a position in a group or organization. Legitimate power stems from an authority’s legitimate right to require and demand compliance. Legitimate power stems from a leader’s formal authority over activities.

What is the meaning of influence in politics?

Meaning of influence in English. › to cause someone to change a behavior, belief, or opinion, or to cause something to be changed: Businesses make large contributions to members of Congress, hoping to influence their votes on key issues.

Which is the best synonym for the word influence?

Synonyms for influence. effect, impact, mark, repercussion, sway.

Which is the best definition of the word affect?

affect, influence, touch, impress, strike, sway mean to produce or have an effect upon. affect implies the action of a stimulus that can produce a response or reaction. the sight affected her to tears influence implies a force that brings about a change (as in nature or behavior).

What is the history of the word influence?

Influence may seem like a ho-hum word, but its history is heavenly. The word first referred to a celestial fluid that was believed to flow from the stars. As this fluid reached the Earth, it supposedly affected the actions of the planet’s inhabitants—especially the human ones.

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