What is a word that starts with the letter O?

What is a word that starts with the letter O?

Preschool Words That Start With O

oat oboe
okay okra
old omit
on one
orange ostrich

What can I spell with O?


  • oaks.
  • oaky.
  • oars.
  • oast.
  • oath.
  • oats.
  • oaty.
  • What is the T word?

    It’s a word that is generally considered dehumanizing and offensive when referring to transgender people, like the “N” word for a person of color, or the “F” word for a gay man. …

    What is a 5 letter word starting with O?

    5-letter words starting with O

    OAers oaked
    Oakes oakum
    oared oases
    oasis oasts
    oaten oater

    What are cool words that start with O?

    Explore the Words

    • oasis. a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary.
    • obdurate. showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings.
    • obedient. dutifully complying with the commands of those in authority.
    • obeisance. bending the head or body in reverence or submission.
    • obfuscate.
    • objective.
    • obligation.
    • oblique.

    What are some describing words that start with O?

    “O” or “Oh” is used to express surprise or strong emotion in different English language sentences. Some commonly used words starting with alphabet “O” are: occupation, oxford, oath, orange, ok, organ, orphan, owl, observation, onion, oxygen.

    What are some things that begin with the letter O?

    o pportunistic

  • o bjectionable
  • o phthalmology
  • o rchestration
  • o rganogenesis
  • o rnamentation
  • o verabundance
  • o steomyelitis
  • o veremphasize
  • o verconfident
  • What is something that starts with O?

    Things that Begin with O. Things that start with the letter o are right here on this worksheet! They are octopus, otter, owl, ostrich, orange, & onion. Circle the beginning o and color.

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