What is a good sentence for clean?

What is a good sentence for clean?

My mother keeps the house neat and clean. Floor of the room is not clean. We are so irresponsible that we don’t keep our roads clean. Clean the floor with dettol and water.

What is cleaning with example?

To clean is to take action to make something not dirty. An example of clean is to vacuum or dust. Devoid of restrictions or encumbrances.

Has been cleaning sentence?

Sentence examples for has been cleaned from inspiring English sources. The banking system has been cleaned up. The masthead has been cleaned up too. “The city has been cleaned up.

How do you write clean sentences?

10 Tips for Writing Clear, Concise Sentences

  1. Be Clear About Your Meaning.
  2. Eliminate Unnecessary Words and Phrases.
  3. Use the Active Voice.
  4. Get Rid of That.
  5. Avoid Starting with There Is.
  6. Reduce Unneeded Repetition.
  7. Question the Use of Really.
  8. Move Away from Negatives.

How do you clean a house sentence?

clean and tidy up the house.

  1. The new manager said he wanted to clean house.
  2. Women clean house in a kibbutz because, like women everywhere, they complain that men would not do it properly.
  3. Vacuum cleaners to ensure clean houses are praiseworthy and essential in our standard of living.

Why do we clean?

Cleaning every week will help avoid allergies or other breathing problems. Avoid spreading germs: Keeping your house clean will stop the spread of germs and help keep you healthy. Cleaning up spills, vacuuming your carpets, and keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean will kill germs.

Was clean or cleaned?

As verbs the difference between clean and cleaned is that clean is to remove dirt from a place or object while cleaned is (clean).

Is to be cleaned correct?

“To be cleaned” is correct.

How do you keep short sentences?

How to Write Simply: 9 Tips for Writing Short Sentences

  1. Start small.
  2. Think about what you’re trying to say.
  3. Cut down your word count.
  4. Break up long sentences into two or more lines.
  5. Use the active voice.
  6. Remove redundant words.
  7. Lose fluff words.
  8. Write one-word and two-word sentences.

How can I write more clearly?

7 Tips for Writing Clearly and Concisely

  1. Embrace brevity.
  2. Use words you fully understand.
  3. Use technical terms sparingly.
  4. Write in the active voice.
  5. Use qualifiers and intensifiers judiciously.
  6. Vary sentence length.
  7. Watch out for nominalizations.

What is simple sentence example?

A simple sentence has the most basic elements that make it a sentence: a subject, a verb, and a completed thought. Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late.

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