What happened to Ken Hubbs?

What happened to Ken Hubbs?

Ken Hubbs, a sure-handed second baseman with the Chicago Cubs, was only 22 when he died in a plane crash in 1964, one of the most tragic events in baseball history.

What Cubs pitcher also played basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters?

Pitcher Fergie Jenkins
MLB HOF Pitcher Fergie Jenkins and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Who wore number 10 for the Chicago Cubs?

Ron Santo’s
Ron Santo’s number 10 was retired by the Chicago Cubs in 2003. On September 28, 2003, Santo’s jersey No. 10 was retired by the Cubs organization, making him the third player so honored behind his teammates Ernie Banks (#14) and Billy Williams (#26).

How tall is Ferguson Jenkins?

1.96 m
Ferguson Jenkins/Height

What was Fergie Jenkins number?

31Chicago Cubs / Pitcher
Ferguson Jenkins/Number

Ferguson Jenkins’s number 31 was retired by the Chicago Cubs in 2009. In 1974, Jenkins, then with the Texas Rangers, became the first baseball player to win the Lou Marsh Trophy, an award given annually to Canada’s top athlete.

What were the numbers that the Chicago Cubs have retired?

In the 117 year history for the Cubs, fans have seen only five numbers retired – Ron Santo’s number 10, Ernie Banks’ number 14, Ryne Sandberg’s number 23, Billy Williams’ number 26, and the number 31, shared by two greats, Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux.

Who is the best White Sox player of all time?

Offensive WAR

  • Frank Thomas 74.9.
  • Luke Appling 73.8.
  • Eddie Collins 67.4.
  • Minnie Minoso 39.6.
  • Nellie Fox 35.2.
  • Paul Konerko 34.4.
  • Carlton Fisk 29.2.
  • Robin Ventura 28.8.

How old is Billy Williams Cubs?

83 years (June 15, 1938)
Billy Williams/Age

Is Ferguson Jenkins married?

Lydia Farringtonm. 1993
Maryanne Millerm. 1988–1991Kathy Williamsm. 1965–1987
Ferguson Jenkins/Spouse
Jenkins married the former Lydia Farrington in 1993. They lived in Anthem, Ariz. The Cubs were among those sharing their condolences online.

Who did Fergie Jenkins pitch for?

Chicago Cubs

Ferguson Jenkins
Strikeouts 3,192
Philadelphia Phillies (1965–1966) Chicago Cubs (1966–1973) Texas Rangers (1974–1975) Boston Red Sox (1976–1977) Texas Rangers (1978–1981) Chicago Cubs (1982–1983)
Career highlights and awards

How many years did Ferguson Jenkins pitch?

From 1967 to 1980, Oklahoma resident Ferguson Arthur Jenkins achieved the improbable — he led Major League Baseball with the most wins (251) in that 14-season span while pitching at home mostly in hitter’s ballparks.

What numbers have the Padres retired?

Padres Retired Numbers

  • Steve Garvey – #6. Steve Garvey smashed the most famous home run in Padres history and did a lot more in his five-year stay in San Diego.
  • Tony Gwynn – #19.
  • Dave Winfield – #31.
  • Randy Jones – #35.
  • Jackie Robinson – #42.
  • Trevor Hoffman – #51.

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