What happened between Rey Mysterio and Batista?

What happened between Rey Mysterio and Batista?

After the match, Batista attacked Mysterio, ending their alliance. Mysterio faced Batista at Survivor Series, where he lost by referee stoppage after Batista performed three Batista Bombs on him. Mysterio lost to Batista again in a street fight on the December 11 episode of SmackDown.

Why did Batista turns on Rey Mysterio?

Batista put his hand on Rey’s shoulder and said that he was tired of something and went on to say that he was tired of being screwed by his friend. His whole demeanor towards Rey had changed. He was no longer his friend.

Is Batista friends with Rey Mysterio?

The friendship between Rey Mysterio and Batista is so strong that the WWE even implemented it into their story-lines, using it as fuel to turn Batista heel in 2009 when he attacked Rey.

What did Rey do to the undertaker?

During the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, Rey Mysterio dived at The Undertaker, but The Phenom was unable to stop a flying Rey Mysterio. Because of this Rey Mysterio’s knee hit Undertaker’s nose and the Deadman’s nose began to bleed.

Who is Rey Mysterio best friend?

“Eddie Was Smiling Upon Us” – Rey Mysterio Remembers Late Best Friend Eddie Guerrero Following Tag Team Championship Win. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with extraordinary skills inside the ring.

Who won Batista vs Rey Mysterio?

The team of Rey Mysterio and Batista formed on December 16, 2006 when they faced MNM for the tag titles. They defeated him and became the WWE tag team champions. Later, at a Smackdown! live event, MNM defeated Batista and Mysterio to take back the titles.

Does Batista hate Triple H?

2 Loved: Batista The time working together as stablemates in Evolution created the perfect feud between Batista and Triple H. WWE witnessed Batista becoming a huge face when he turned on Triple H to leave Evolution and defeat him for the World Championship.

Are Batista and Randy Orton friends?

#3 Randy Orton is friends with Batista Former WWE Superstar, and current Hollywood Superhero, Batista will forever be remembered for being The Animal in the WWE ring. Together, Batista and Randy Orton were the youngbloods in Evolution, and they had several great rivalries when the faction broke up.

Who Broke undertaker eye socket?

#4 The Undertaker did not request to work with Mabel One of the worst injuries of The Undertaker’s WWE career came in 1995 when he sustained a broken orbital socket after receiving a botched leg drop from Mabel (aka Viscera/Big Daddy V).

Who broke the undertakers nose?

Priest revealed The Undertaker almost broke his nose during training. Priest talked about the time he got in the ring with The Undertaker during a session at the WWE Performance Center.

Are John Cena and Wade Barrett friends?

In a recent interview with DNA India, Barrett revealed a little bit about the relationship between he and Cena behind the scenes and he pulled no punches early on in letting them know that the two aren’t exactly best friends. “He has been the face for ten years, and he’s really good at what he does.

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