What does Tao name the wolf dog?

What does Tao name the wolf dog?

He would live away from the clan. Become a man on his own and hunt on his own. What did Tao decide to do after hearing what Kala had to say? Ram, the wolf dog.

Why did greybeard give Tao his deerskin pouch?

Why does Graybeard carry seven flat stones in his deerskin bag? They bring him luck. He uses them when cave painting. He throws them at animals when hunting.

What is the theme of the Boy of the Painted Cave?

In the story “Boy of the Painted Cave,” Tao is the main character. He is fearless determined and dreams to become a cave painter. He will discover many friends, enemies, and challenges on his journey to become a cave painter.

Who is Tao’s father in the boy of the Painted Cave?

I read the book and it says that Volt is Tao’s father and Volt had wanted to kill Tao, that is why Kala does not want to tell Tao of this.

Why did Tao think he could never be the chosen one?

why did tao think he would never be the chosen one? he was not born of a leader or even a hunter. he didnt know who his parents were.

How did Tao defeat Saxon?

Q. Tao uses something out of Graybeard’s pouch to help him defeat Saxon.

What is the setting of Boy of the Painted Cave?

prehistoric France
From School Library Journal. Grade 4-8 Set 18,000 years ago in prehistoric France, this is the story of a 14-year-old boy who longs to be a cave painter.

What did Graybeard tell Tao to do in boy of Painted Cave?

1. Graybeard told Tao to go to the top of the cliffs, above the camp, and wait for dark.He said as soon as darkness comes to climb down the narrow path to the entrance of Big Cave. The old man reached in his deerskin pouch and gave Tao a tallow filled seashell.

Why was Tao afraid of the secret cave?

Tao is afraid of going in the secret cave, because he was not a Chosen One, so he was scared to paint and draw in Big Cave since it’s the most taboo cave to draw in if you’re not a Chosen One. Also because he had never gone past the point in front of the cave.

Which is the most confusing aspect of Taoism?

To many people, a confusing aspect of Taoism is its very definition. Many religions will happily push judgment and dogma which in reflection defines a person. Taoism flips this around. It starts by teaching a truth; “The Tao” is indefinable. It then follows up by teaching that each person can discover the Tao on their terms.

How does Taoism apply labels to its nature?

Taoism makes no distinction in applying labels to its nature because to do so would limit a person. We are each a blend of many truths. The truth taught in Taoism is to embrace life in actions that support you as a person. Taoism teaches a person to live in their heart.

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