What does Kindful mean?

What does Kindful mean?

Filters. (UK dialectal) Of, relating to, or denoting a specified kind or sort; kindly.

What does Kindless mean?

1 : disagreeable, uncongenial. 2 obsolete : inhuman.

What is a better word than kind?

kindly, good-natured, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, warm-hearted, soft-hearted, good-hearted, tender, caring, feeling, affectionate, loving, warm, gentle, mellow, mild. considerate, helpful, thoughtful, obliging, unselfish, selfless, altruistic, good, cooperative, accommodating, attentive.

What are some words for kind?


  • benevolent,
  • benignant,
  • compassionate,
  • good-hearted,
  • humane,
  • kindhearted,
  • kindly,
  • Is there a word Kindless?

    lacking kindness; unkind; unsympathetic. Obsolete.

    What does Kinless mean?

    : having no relatives left for friendless and kinless souls— E. B. Tylor.

    What is a fancy word for nice?

    pleasant, likeable, agreeable, personable, charming, delightful, amiable, affable, friendly, kindly, genial, congenial, good-natured, engaging, gracious, sympathetic, understanding, compassionate, good. nasty. 3’he’s got very nice manners’ polite, courteous, civil, refined, cultivated, polished, genteel, elegant.

    What is another word for being lazy?

    What is another word for lazy?

    indolent slack
    faineant fainéant
    slothful apathetic
    unenterprising worthless
    feckless lethargic

    What is a word for being too nice?

    fussy. la-di-da. nice. ostentatious. overnice.

    What are the synonyms for kindness?

    synonyms for kindness

    • affection.
    • altruism.
    • benevolence.
    • cordiality.
    • courtesy.
    • decency.
    • forbearance.
    • gentleness.

    Is Kinless a word?

    Kinless | Definition of Kinless by Merriam-Webster.

    What do you call someone without a family?

    orphaned would also work (with “completely” or “truly”). The word can be used for the state of having no relatives at all and no guardian, as well as the state of having no living parents. With the death of her uncle, she was completely | truly orphaned. Or without family.

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