What does it mean when someone says Okie dokie?

What does it mean when someone says Okie dokie?

1 —used to express assent “I’ll be there in a minute.” “Okey dokey.” 2 —used to emphasize the beginning of a statement Okey dokey, we’ll see you later!

What does dokey mean in Spanish?


Principal Translations
Inglés Español
okey-doke, okey-dokey interj slang (OK) dale expr
sí adv

What language is okie dokie?

“okie dokie” in Swedish okie dokie {interj.}

Is it weird to say Okie dokie?

A phrase like “okie-dokie” can sound totally nonsensical to someone unfamiliar with English. But in a language full of ways to call something good or acceptable, OK and its descendants are extremely prominent and influential.

Is Okie Dokie Australian?

Oakie Doke is a British children’s television programme that was broadcast from 1995 to 1997 on the BBC.

Is Okie Dokie Smokey offensive?

The “okie dokie” part wouldn’t be offensive. It’s just a jovial elaboration of “ok.” But “smoke” is an offensive racial epithet, and even in combination with the jokey rest, inappropriate language.

How do you respond to Okie dokie?

On the receiving end of the phrase — for example, if you’ve asked someone if they understand something and they say “okie-dokie” — you can reply with something as simple as “great.” This lets them know that you are on the same page and ready to go forward.

Is Okie Dokie American?

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Okey dokey’? It is 20th century American and first appears in print in a 1932 edition of American Speech. There are several alternative spellings – okay-doke, okey-doke, okee-doke, etc. As a reduplication it is properly spelled with a hyphen, although it is often given without.

Where did the phrase okey dokey originate?

This slang term was popularized in the film “The Little Rascals” (Oki doki). Also with alternate spellings, including okeydoke. The phrase can be extended further, e.g. “Okie dokie (aka) pokie / smokie / artichokie / karaoke / lokie,” etc.

Who invented Okie dokie?

It’s been said that the word is Scottish, that it originated in ancient Greece 2,000 years ago, that it got its start in Africa and migrated to the United States with African slaves.

Where does the term “Okie Dokie” come from?

Oki Doki is an expression that is derived from the English expression okey dokey, whose translation into Spanish is okey ( O.K. ) and that means: correct, agree, is well, very well. It is a very used in the 60 and 70s popular slang term, and which has several forms of writing, being the most common okay, okey dokey,…

Where did the saying ‘Okie Doke’ originate?

Okey-dokey is first seen in writing in American Speech published by the American Dialect Society in 1932 where it is given as a variant of OK. Okey-doke came a little later, first recorded the Dictionary of American slang in 1934.

Does Okie mean OK?

” Okie “, in the most general sense, refers to a resident, native, or cultural descendant of Oklahoma, equating to Oklahoman. It is derived from the name of the state, similar to Arkie for a native of Arkansas.

What is the okey doke?

okey doke. (oʊkeɪ doʊk ) or okey dokey. convention. Okey doke is used in the same way as ‘OK’ to show that you agree to something, or that you want to start talking about something else or doing something else.

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