What did Spangler invent?

What did Spangler invent?

While working as a janitor at a department store in Canton, Ohio, James Murray Spangler invented a portable electric vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner’s design was upright, and it used a cloth bag to collect the dirt that was vacuumed up.

Who invented the vacuum Spangler?

James Spangler
James Spangler invented the first commercially successful portable electric vacuum cleaner, an invention that revolutionized household carpet cleaning. Spangler was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Ohio at an early age.

Why did James Spangler invent the vacuum?

Invention of the portable electric vacuum cleaner. Spangler was an asthmatic. Almost 60 and cursed with strong disease, he grew frustrated at the tiring and dusty work of sweeping the carpet in the store where he worked. A tinkerer at heart, he set his mind to making an electric carpet sweeper.

When did Spangler die?

January 22, 1915
James M. Spangler/Date of death

Where is James Spangler from?

Plains Township, PA
James M. Spangler/Place of birth

When was James Murray Spangler born?

November 20, 1848
James M. Spangler/Date of birth

Who is James Spangler and what did he do?

Spangler is the guy who invented the first portable electric suction vacuum cleaner. Officially, his brainchild is U.S. Patent 889,823. Spangler applied for a patent on his “Carpet Sweeper and Cleaner” on Sept. 14, 1907, and it was approved on June 2, 1908.

Does Hoover still exist?

Despite Hoover no longer being the top seller of vacuum cleaners in the UK, the term “hoover” has remained as a genericized trademark. Over the years, Hoover has expanded into other product lines, including kitchen appliances, hair dryers, speakers, and industrial equipment.

What was the first vacuum cleaner made of?

A Chicago inventor, Ives McGaffey patented a “sweeping machine” on June 8th 1869 in the United States, as the first hand-pumped “whirlwind” vacuum cleaner. The contraption was made of wood and canvas.

What was the first vacuum cleaner called?

The first vacuum cleaner, the “Whirlwind,” was invented in Chicago in 1868 by Ives W. McGaffey. The Whirlwind was difficult to use because the operator had to manually turn a crank while pushing it across the floor.

Is Henry a Hoover?

Henry (also known as Henry Hoover) is the brand name given to a canister vacuum cleaner made and sold by Numatic International, and is the only mass-produced consumer vacuum cleaner still made in Britain….Henry (vacuum)

A Henry HVR-200 vacuum cleaner as introduced by Numatic International
Website www.myhenry.co.uk

Where is Dyson made?

Most of Dyson’s products are designed in the UK, but manufactured in Asia.

Where was James m.spangler born and raised?

Spangler was one of ten children born to Mr. William Spangler & Mrs. Elizabeth Lind Spangler on November 20, 1848. The Spangler family was originally from Plains Township, Pennsylvania and settled in Stark County, Ohio . On May 21, 1874, Spangler married Elista (Lettie) Amanda Holtz.

Who was James Spangler and what did he invent?

James M. Spangler. Jump to navigation Jump to search. James Murray Spangler (November 20, 1848 – January 22, 1915) was an American inventor, salesman and janitor who invented the first commercially successful portable electric vacuum cleaner that revolutionized household carpet cleaning.

What was the name of James Spangler’s wife?

He married Elista Amanda Holtz on May 21, 1874, and with her he had three children Clarence, Francis, and Jennie. After they moved to Akron in 1880, he started working as a salesman, first with his brother and then for the Aultman Company.

What did James m.spangler do in Akron?

After moving to Akron, Spangler was in business with his brother selling gent’s furnishings. He also worked for the Aultman Company as a salesman. Spangler was granted a patent on a grain harvester in 1887. He invented certain new and useful improvements such as the sliding tailboard made of sheet metal.

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