What did Felix Arndt die of?

What did Felix Arndt die of?

Felix Arndt/Cause of death

Who wrote the song Nola?

Felix Arndt

What companies did Felix Arndt record with?

Biographies Felix Arndt Felix Arndt (1889–1918) was an American composer and pianist, well known for his light, entertaining piano compositions, the most famous of which was “Nola.” Arndt recorded for the Victor company as a soloist and as a member of the Van Eps Trio.

When was Nola written?

Arndt is best remembered for his 1915 composition “Nola,” written as an engagement gift to his fiancée (and later wife), Nola Locke. It is sometimes considered to be the first example of the novelty piano or “novelty ragtime” genre, published by Sam Fox Publishing Company.

WHO has recorded city of New Orleans?

Arlo Guthrie
City of New Orleans/Artists

Who is the original singer of City of New Orleans?

Steve Goodman
City of New Orleans (song)

“City of New Orleans”
Single by Steve Goodman
Length 3:52
Label Buddah
Songwriter(s) Steve Goodman

Who sang the song Nola?


Was there a real train called the City of New Orleans?

The City of New Orleans is an Amtrak passenger train which operates on an overnight schedule between Chicago and New Orleans. The train is a successor to the Illinois Central Railroad’s Panama Limited.

What age is Arlo Guthrie?

74 years (July 10, 1947)
Arlo Guthrie/Age

Can you smoke on Amtrak?

All Amtrak trains, Thruway buses and stations are entirely non-smoking. No one may smoke anything in any area on trains, on Thruway services, in stations or in any other location where smoking is prohibited. Smoking stops may be shortened or eliminated entirely if the train is operating late.

Is Woody Guthrie Arlo’s dad?

Arlo Guthrie, 72, is a folk singer and songwriter, and the oldest son of folk singer Woody Guthrie. He will be performing selections from his most popular album, “Alice’s Restaurant,” on tour this winter and spring. He spoke with Marc Myers. My strongest memory of my father, Woody Guthrie, occurred in 1960.

Where did Arlo Guthrie go to college?

Rocky Mountain College
Westfield State UniversityStockbridge School
Arlo Guthrie/Education
He briefly attended Rocky Mountain College, in Billings, Montana. He received an honorary doctorate from Siena College in 1981 and from Westfield State College in 2008. As a singer, songwriter and lifelong political activist, Guthrie carries on the legacy of his father.

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