What crashed at Roswell?

What crashed at Roswell?

In mid-1947, a United States Army Air Forces balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Following wide initial interest in the crashed “flying disc”, the US military stated that it was merely a conventional weather balloon.

Was Roswell crash real?

The Real Roswell. New evidence suggests there was more than one UFO crash near Roswell. On July 8, 1947 at 5:26 EDT, an Associated Press news wire announced that soldiers from Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico recovered a “flying disk” from a nearby rancher’s property.

Where did the Roswell incident happen?

In the summer of 1947, something crashed on the Foster Ranch in south-central New Mexico. The site was about 30 miles southeast of the small town of Corona, but it was 75 miles northwest of the larger town that gave this event its name: the Roswell incident.

When did Roswell happen?

The Roswell incident occurred on July 4, 1947, forty-nine years before the War of 1996. It was instigated when an alien scout ship crashed in New Mexico.

Did an UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico?

The Roswell UFO Incident, also known simply as Roswell, was a report of an object that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947 , allegedly an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and several conspiracy theories as to the true nature of the object that crashed.

What is Roswell New Mexico famous for?

Roswell is a city in the U.S. state of New Mexico. It is famous for the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident. It is also the home of New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), which was founded in 1891.

What is the Roswell UFO incident?

Roswell UFO incident. The Roswell UFO incident took place in the U.S. in 1947, when an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July, 1947.

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