What color shirt goes with red Converse?

What color shirt goes with red Converse?

Black or white tops with red Converse high top Besides Denim, neutral colours like black and white are excellent styling options for red Converse. For example, a white t-shirt, or jumper and black or blue skinny jeans will give you a timeless and classic look.

What do high top Converse go with?

White, high top Converse offer gents a great classic aesthetic. The sharp style partners best with casual denim or simple chinos for a contemporary weekend look. As high tops finish higher on the ankle, the style can look awkward with cuffed pants.

What should I wear with red Converse?

Fashion’s most versatile item, denim, is a perfect pairing with red Converse. Any shade from light to dark can complement that splash of red. Try a pair of skinny jeans with a loose grey cotton T-shirt, or dare to go denim-on-denim with high-waisted jean shorts and a cropped jean jacket.

What goes with red Converse?

How do you wear Converse high tops 2021?

How to Wear Converse in 2021 — And 2 Looks That Are Best Left In the Past

  1. Sport a Suit.
  2. Stick With Just Two Neutral Hues.
  3. Try an Oversize Sweater and Silky Skirt.
  4. Take a More Colorful Approach to Monochrome.
  5. Or Play Around with Textures.
  6. Offset a Flirty Minidress.
  7. Or a Voluminous Midi.
  8. Or Even a Form-Fitting Sweater Dress.

Do Converse high tops look good with shorts?

Originally Answered: Can men wear a high top Converse with shorts? Absolutely! High top Converse sneakers paired with shorts is a fun look for all male body types and fashion styles! From a preppy look to punk style, you can wear them with any length of shorts.

Are high top Converse flattering?

“They’re both casual and cool.” “High top Converse have a flattering slim fit so look great with oversized floaty dresses,” continues Rachel Ingram. If you’d prefer something more understated, black or white high tops will go with pretty much any dress in your closet.

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