What big events happened in 2002?

What big events happened in 2002?


  • January 11: Camp X-Ray (Guantanamo)
  • February 8 – February 24: The Winter Olympics are held in Salt Lake City.
  • May 26: I-40 bridge disaster.
  • November 25: The Department of Homeland Security is established.
  • Cyrus Vance.
  • Peggy Lee.
  • Waylon Jennings.
  • Chuck Jones.

What major events happened in the 2000s?

George W. Bush Elected President.

  • Al-Qaeda Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon. Anthrax Scare.
  • Department of Homeland Security Established. Coverup of Priest Pedophilia Exposed.
  • Invasion of Iraq. Abu Ghraib.
  • Tsunami in Asia.
  • Hurricane Katrina.
  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • Nancy Pelosi First Woman Speaker of the House.
  • What is the year 2001 known for?

    911 Terrorist Attacks al-Qaeda Terrorists attack the United States using hijacked passenger aircraft to bring down the Twin Towers in New York and crashing an aircraft into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia leaving nearly 3,000 people dead.

    Who was the most famous actor in 2002?

    Mel Gibson
    Highest Grossing Stars of 2002 at the Domestic Box Office

    Rank Name Star Score
    1 Mel Gibson 340
    2 Ben Affleck 300
    3 Ian McKellen 291
    4 Robert De Niro 286

    What are the 2000’s known for?

    Here’s a look back the highlights of the 2000s. The decade was littered with recessions, stock market crashes, financial scandals, antitrust cases, and flat-out disasters all around. From the Y2K bug and the HP-Compaq merger, to Apple’s rebound and an insider trading scandal, the decade saw a wealth of historic events.

    What was special about the year 2000?

    The Year 2000 was the start of the new millennium. The New York Yankees defeat the New York Mets in five games in the 2000 World Series. It was the first ‘Subway Series’ since 1956. The U.S. population tops 282 million.

    Is 2001 the worst year?

    2001. For Americans, 2001 ranks among the worst for being the year of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which caused nearly 3,000 fatalities, more than 25,000 injuries, substantial long-term health problems for many, and at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage.

    What was the most important event in 2002?

    What Happened In History Year 2002 Historical Events for the Year 2002 1st January » Taiwan officially joins the World Trade Organization, as Chinese Taipei. 1st January » The Treaty on Open Skies named Open Skies mutual surveillance treaty, initially signed in 1992, officially comes into force.

    Who was President of the United States in 2002?

    Jan 28 TAME Flight 120, a Boeing 727-100 crashes in the Andes mountains in southern Colombia killing 92. Jan 29 US President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address describes “regimes that sponsor terror” an “Axis of Evil”, which includes Iraq, Iran and North Korea

    Where did the Bali bombing happen in 2002?

    12th October » Terrorists 2002 Bali terrorist bombing called detonate bombs in the Sari Club in Kuta, Bali, killing 202 and wounding over 300. 16th October » Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the Egyptian city of Alexandria]

    What was the cost of living in 2002?

    Cost of Living 2002. How Much things cost in 2002. Average Cost of new house $228,700.00 . Average Income per year $42,409.00 . Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.61 . Popular Culture 2002. Kelly Clarkson Wins First American Idol Contest . Popular Films . The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers . Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets . Spider-Man

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