What are the three divisions of the Andes mountain range?

What are the three divisions of the Andes mountain range?

The Andes can be divided into three sections: the Southern Andes in Argentina and Chile; the Central Andes, including the Chilean and Peruvian cordilleras; and the northern section in Venezuela, Colombia, and northern Ecuador consisting of two parallel ranges, the Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Oriental.

Where is the Andes mountain chain located?

South America
The Andes are the world’s longest continental mountain range, about 9,000 km in all. They lie as a continuous chain of highland along the western coast of South America, along that route, they cross through Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia .

What are the three main branches of the Andes that run through Colombia?

Its geography, water resources, and great cultural and natural wealth will leave you wanting more. The three branches of the Colombian Andes—the Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Central, and Cordillera Oriental—are home to valleys, canyons, and plateaus that fill the area to the brim with breathtaking beauty.

How many mountains are in the Andes?

By this criterion there are currently exactly one hundred 6000m peaks in the Andes. Of the total of 100 peaks, 15 are in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru and 39 are in the Puna de Atacama area of Chile and Argentina. The peaks are arranged below in groups of ten….The 6000m peaks of the Andes.

PEAK Aconcagua
AREA High Andes

What separates the two Bolivian mountain ranges?

The Andes divides into two mountain systems- Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Oriental- close to the border of Peru and Bolivia. The Cordillera Oriental is in turn divided into two Cordilleras, the Real and the Central.

How many mountain chains are there in the United States?

The United States has three major mountain chains (mountain chain = a series of connected mountains) that run north to south in North America.

Where is Andes located in world map?


Andes Mountains
Native name Anti (Quechua)
Map of South America showing the Andes running along the entire western part (roughly parallel to the Pacific coast) of the continent
Countries Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela

Where are the Andes mountains in Colombia?

Extending from Chile and Argentina northward to Colombia and Venezuela, the Andes split into three chains at the Colombia-Ecuador border. The highest mountains in Colombia are within about 40 kilometers of the palm-lined beaches of the Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona.

Where do rivers run from the Andes mountains to?

The major basins lie east of the Andes, and the main rivers flow to the Atlantic Ocean. The four largest drainage systems—the Amazon, Río de la Plata (Paraguay, Paraná, and Uruguay rivers), Orinoco, and São Francisco—cover about two-thirds of the continent.

What is the third highest mountain in the Andes?

The Tallest Mountains In The South American Andes

Rank Elevation (in meters) Name of Mountain
1 6,962 Aconcagua
2 6,891 Ojos del Salado
3 6,792 Monte Pissis
4 6,768 Huascarán

How many countries are in the Andes Mountains?

10 Fascinating Facts About the Andes Mountains. The Andes Mountains is the mountainous spine which dramatically dissects South America in two from north to south, crossing seven countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Why are the Andes Mountains in Peru called the Sierra?

The Andean Mountain Range or Sierra. The Andes is a result of tectonic activity, the Nazca plate is drawn beneath the continent and as a result the mountain eastern ranges are older than the ones near the coast. Frequent tremors are experienced in this area. In Peru, the Andes are divided into three sections: the northern section,…

How are the Andes of Chile and Argentina divided?

The Andes of Chile and Argentina can be divided into two climatic and glaciological zones: the Dry Andes and the Wet Andes. Since the Dry Andes extend from the latitudes of Atacama Desert to the area of Maule River, precipitation is more sporadic and there are strong temperature oscillations.

Which is the longest mountain range in South America?

The Andes, Andes Mountains or Andean Mountains (Spanish: Cordillera de los Andes) are the longest continental mountain range in the world, forming a continuous highland along the western edge of South America.

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